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Morgan Yu

Morgan Yu


Character Information
Name Morgan Yu
Gender Male
Franchise Prey
Weapons/Accessories GLOO Gun
Occupation Neuroscientist, Part Typhon
Residence Talos 1

 Morgan Yu is a character in the Prey franchise. He comes in a Fun Pack.


  • Micro-Gravity
  • Talos 1 Terminals
  • Stealth (Turns into small box)
  • Glide
  • Hidden Lego Detector (Psycoscope)
  • Weapon Change
    • GLOO Gun
      • Fire Extinguish
      • Stun Enemies
    • Wrench
      • Fix-It
      • Super Strength
    • Pistol
      • Projectile
    • Shotgun
      • Silver Lego
    • Recycler Grenades
      • Red Demon Lego Objects
    • Q-Beam
      • Lazer

Entrance and Exit Animations


  • Morgan jumps out of the rift and glides to the ground. He pulls out his GLOO Gun.


  • A Recycler Grenade falls out of Morgan's pocket and starts beeping. Morgan looks at it in terror and dives into the rift. The Recycler Grenade goes off. (Note: this destroys any nearby objects or characters.)

Idle Animations

  • Morgan takes out a coffee mug with the Talos 1 symbol on it. He inspects it for a moment, then it turns into a Typhon. Morgan jumps back in surprise, takes out his pistol and shoots the Typhon until it breaks into pieces.
  • Morgan takes out a hand mirror and checks his eye. It is red. Morgan sighs and puts the mirror away.

Finishing Moves

  • Morgan covers the enemy in GLOO, then lightly taps them. The GLOO-covered enemy crumbles to bits.
  • Morgan tosses a Recycler Grenade at the enemy, and leaps away. The enemy catches it and looks at it in confusion. The Recycler Grenade goes off and recycles the enemy into studs.

Character Tag

Morgan Yu's character tag

All sides are red. The front has the Talos 1 logo.