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Monoko (モノ子, "monochromatic girl") is one of the many characters in LEGO Dimensions. She is a team pack character for the Yume Nikki series.


Monoko is a character in Yume Nekki who, according to her title in manga, suffers from identity loss. She resides in a tunnel of the White Desert in Madotsuki's dreams. When Madotsuki enters, she's able to use the Stoplight effect on her. If this were to happen, Monoko changes drastically from a normal girl into a girl with 5 arms (2 on her left, 1 with another sprouting out it on the right, and one more arm that appears on her hand). In this state, Madotsuki will trigger a full-screen event when interacting with Monoko.


  • Mini Access
  • Acrobatic
  • Alternate Transformation (5-armed Moniko)
    • Four-arm switches
    • X-ray Vision (Do not ask)
    • 5-armed Moniko will lose the ability of mini access until changing back
    • Big Transformation (Like how she changes size in the event animation)
    • Shrink (Like how she changes size in the event animation)
    • Sonar Smash (Kalimba Music)
    • Illumination (Stoplight Madotsuki tags alongside the player in dark areas)
  • Vent Access


  • If Madotsuki is in the party, she will be forced to access the Stoplight effect to access Moniko's transformation and the Illumination ability.
    • However, if the other player is Madotsuki, they will need to switch to the Stoplight effect before Moniko is able to Transform or use Illumination.
  • If a character wielding a knife hurts Monoko, she will scream and die instantly. This is a reference to the game, because when Madotsuki stabs Monoko, Monoko screams and instantly disappears.
  • One of her idle animations in her normal variation shows her tripping over a toy car donning the same expression and torso change as her 5-arm variation. This most likely eludes to the fan theory that her 5-armed variation represents injuries related to a traffic accident.