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Mobile Fist
Mobile Fist
Owner Strongarm
Abilities Accelerator Switches

Tow Bar

Super Strength

Set Strongarm/Techo Team Pack

The Mobile Fist is an AnthonyM and the World of Sketch vehicle in LEGO Dimensions. It is Strongarm's personal vehicle and is included in the Strongarm/Techo Team Pack.


Mobile Fist

The Mobile Fist was put together using Earthclad metals and Scrap Being ingenuity to make a vehicle that makes ramming into things quite satisfying. It's made to fit Strongarm, and it is his go-to method of transportation in races. The vehicle's built with Earthclad bronze, and a near-indestructible hood, shaped like a fist... hence the name. It debuted in "The Engine of the Earthclad!"

Candy-Coated Mobile Fist

This version of the Mobile Fist was built the same way as the original, except substituting the metal for the same candy as his armor. Its primary use was simply to get Strongarm around areas fast.


  • Accelerator Switches
  • Tow Bar
  • Super Strength


  • This vehicle, while driven mainly by Strongarm, has been driven by AnthonyM ("Demolition Dare!"), Techo ("The Engine of the Earthclad!" during its many test drives), and Shadus ("Heinous Hijackery!").
  • If the vehicle is traveling fast enough, everyone and everything in front of it takes damage instead of simply just being run over.