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Miss Techna is a playable character in LEGO Dimensions: Shattered Multiverse.


Miss Techna was born Tetrami, a Crystalian who was best friends with Crystallon and Synziro. The three were nearly inseparable, at least until the Great Shattering happened. Tetrami was shattered in the war, sending her soul wandering throughout Mineralia for a hundred million years.

She eventually occupied the body of TECHNA-001, and the fusion of this body and soul went under the name Miss Techna. When she, Crystallon, and Dreamkeeper finally reunited, she would continue to be by her friends' side as they fought against the Crescent Guard.


  • Flight
  • Mini Access
  • Fix-It (Techna Wrench)
  • Target (Bolt Blaster)
  • Relic Detector (Scanner Eyes)
  • Technology
  • Scrap Metal Build
  • Laser Deflector (Backplate Shield)
  • Backup (TECHNA Units)


  • Miss Techna is usually never spelled "Ms. Techna" in any form of media, and is considered a typo if spelled accordingly. Pre-Tetrami, Miss is her first name.
  • Miss Techna is the only Crystallon protagonist who doesn't have a Crystal Body.
  • Miss Techna is one of four characters to have the Scrap Metal Build ability. The others are Techo, Zakonu, and Hartschia.
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