Mine is a Morphers location in LEGO Dimensions.


In Morphers, the Mines have a flat gold landscape with huge boulders with multiple pits and chunks of gold on top. The titanic boulders are stacked onto each other with multiple mailboxes with more than one mailbox connected to the bar, and each mailbox is a different color. As seen in Stoneball, Letter Carrier, and LEGO Dimensions, there are flags of different colors spread across the land, used for playing Stoneball.

In LEGO Dimensions, the Mine is shown as a subway area. Large mounds of golden bricks decorate the area, along with stone homes and mailboxes. Wishing well chasms, mine carts, picks, shovels, and mine cart tracks are variously placed on the ground. Large sandwich stone formations are also in the area, along with trees with solid golden leaves and gemstone blossoms.


  • Charlie's Web
  • Super Zooker
  • A Canary in a You-Already-Know-This
  • Fungus Among Us


  • Whenever the ground is sniper scoped, Josh Thunder appears.
    • Whenever a crystal is sniper scoped, Professor Minerva McGonagall appears.
    • Whenever a flag is sniper scoped, Soos from Gravity Falls appears.
    • Whenever a gem flower is sniper scoped, Gemma from LEGO Battles appears.
    • Whenever a gold leaf is sniped scoped, Leader from Marvel appears.
    • Whenever a rock is sniper scoped, a Rocket Battle Droid.
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