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"Hey! You! This is private property!"

-Milton Pike before fighting the player.

Milton Pike is one of the non-playable characters in LEGO Dimensions 2: The Rise of Enoch, from the Shadow Man franchise.


Milton T. Pike also known as Video Nasty Killer was a serial killer who served as one of the supporting antagonists in the adventure-horror video game, Shadow Man as a member of The Five.


Vietnam Veteran (1971-73), Green Beret, Special Forces electronic countermeasures expert. Dishonorably discharged in '72 following alleged assault on a female officer. Upon discharge worked as a TV repairman (1974-80). Indicated in the shooting of his mother in 1975, but was acquitted due to lack of evidence. Joined "American Knights of the Cross" (survivalist/militia group) in 1980's, 1981 formed own breakaway/splinter group "Knights of the American Heartland" (KAH), with fortified compound located near Eureka, Florida (the identifying symbol of the KAH is remarkably similar to the "crossed spears" symbol -- see Attachment #1C -- found on stickers affixed to the videotapes sent by the "Video Nasty" offender to various State Police officials). KAH incorporated into national militia organization in 1982 with subsequent expulsion later that year following Pike's murder of eighteen of his own militiamen with a rocket-propelled grenade launcher. In 1991 was arrested following the murder of a hiker in the Cypress National Preserve. Escaped from Custody, killing two Sheriff's deputies in the process. Pike's whereabouts unknown from 1991 to 1995. From December 1995 to September 1996, Pike murdered nine women, disposing of their bodies in numerous locations. Pike was known by the sobriquets "Video Nasty Killer" due to the fact that State Police in all of the states mentioned above were the unfortunate recipients of videotapes showing, in horrific detail, the hunting down and slaughter of at least six of the aforementioned victims. The following poem was found nearby each of the victims:

And lo, if War should have a face

This one of Five would show the bleeding mask

Ears pricked to savor every scream

Teeth bared to strip the carcass wet

And tongues to lap the vessels dry


Pike was captured by FBI agents in October '96 following a series of anonymous tip-offs (the caller gave his code-name as "Legion"). Three agents were killed and five wounded in the furious gun-battle that followed. Pike, severely wounded himself, eventually passed out due to blood-loss and was taken to the Dallas Memorial Hospital, where he remained in a critical condition for several days. Following his recovery, he was tried and convicted on eleven counts of first-degree murder (one of the FBI agents had subsequently died of his wounds) and is currently incarcerated at Gardelle Penitentiary awaiting execution. As with the previously mentioned offender and fellow death row inmate, Marco Robert Cruz, it is not known whether Pike is among the prisoners involved in the riot at Gardelle.



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