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Michael Knight is one of the Fun Pack characters in LEGO Dimensions 2: The Rise of Enoch, from the Knight Rider franchise.


Born originally as Michael Arthur Long to a blue-collared family outside of Los Angeles on January 9, 1949, Michael Knight started getting involved in crime-fighting as early as in the 1960's when he was drafted into the US Army, working for the Green Berets and spending three years at Vietnam as an intelligence officer. While in the country, he was caught snooping around, only to escape from a POW camp he was held at, incurring an injury that required brain surgery which gave him a steel plate on the back of his head.

After his stint in Vietnam was finished, he was later discharged from the Army somewhere around 1972 and recruited to the Los Angeles Police Force where he would work for the next 10 years. However on August 8, 1982, while on a special assignment for the LAPD undercover as a security guard at Consolidated Chemical Corporation in Las Vegas, Nevada, he got injured, being shot by industrial espionage expert Tanya Walker after being betrayed by her, while losing his longtime partner, Muntzy, to a gunshot shootout.

That same day he was declared killed in action and was whisked away by the Foundation for Law and Government (FLAG), a private arms division of Knight Industries headed by industrialist Wilton Knight. He received medical attention and was given a new face through facial reconstruction surgery.