Meteo is one of the many locations in Lego Dimensions 2: The Rise of Enoch, from the Star Fox franchise.


Meteo, also known as the Asteroid Field, the Asteroid Belt or just Asteroid, or even Outer Space, is a dense field of planetoids located in the Lylat system between Corneria and Fichina. It is the site of a number of battles during the Lylat Wars, as well as the Aparoid and Anglar invasions years later.

Meteo was the site of a major battle between the Star Fox Team and Andross's Empire during the Lylat Wars. Andross ordered the Meteo Crusher to clear a path through the asteroids for Androssian invasion forces to reach Corneria. Fox McCloud also discovered a naturally-occurring Warp Portal that allowed direct access to Katina.

The abundant natural resources also presented great interest to the Aparoids. While occupying the body of Pigma Dengar, the Aparoids started construction on a large base and multiple wings of starfighter defenses. However, before it could be completed, the Star Wolf Team infiltrated the asteroid field, but were repulsed, only to be followed by the Star Fox Team who invaded the base and destroyed Pigma, who was infected by the Aparoids.

After the events of the Aparoid invasion, the disposal of the abandoned base was deferred to a later date, and that it's to be placed under observation due to the fact that trying to get a quick and comprehensive understanding of the region is difficult because of the complex topography. The destruction level was a B+ and the Aparoids were expunged.

The asteroid belt was visited again during the various events of the Anglar Blitz. The asteroids make clearing the fog of war on the players screen very difficult and enemies will be harder to locate while defending the Great Fox II. Biobrain is one example of bosses within this level.

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Star Fox 64 Soundtrack - Meteo

Star Fox 64 Soundtrack - Meteo

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