Metachargers Level Pack
Metachargers Level Pack
Set Number 689780
Minifigs Charger Garlic
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Price (USD) $29.99
VIP Points Earned 29
Previous Set Venture Legendary Character Pack
Next Set Pheno Fun Pack
Metachargers Level Pack is a Metachargers LEGO 1001 Spears Vega set. Description

Demise has unleashed the Legendary Winged Power Plant of Ultimate Annihilation, threatening to devour all the resources on Earth. Join Charger Garlic on an epic adventure as you try and save the world! Build Charger Garlic, attach him to his LEGO® Toy Tag and place him on the LEGO Toy Pad to see him come to life in the game. Activate his special Stealth and Flight abilities to help him solve in-game puzzles and overpower enemies, and when he needs to boost, add the rebuildable 3-in-1 Cloud Cutter and Thump Jeep into the game!






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