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Meta Knight
Meta Knight.jpg
Character Information
Name Meta Knight
Gender Male
Franchise Kirby
Weapons/Accessories Galaxia
Vehicles and/or Gadgets Halberd
Occupation Unknown Species Knight
Residence Halberd
Sorry, I thought someone called for shadow kir- I mean, a knight from the shadows. I don't wield the Galaxia for nothing.
— Meta Knight's 1st line when entering the game
Speak of the dark one, and he shall appear.
— Meta Knight's 2nd line when entering the game

Meta Knight is a Fun Pack Character In LEGO Dimensions for the Kirby franchise



  • Flying
  • Sword Switches
  • Laser Deflector
  • Vine Cut
  • Stealth
  • Acrobat
  • Spinjitzu/Screwjitzu (Mach Tornado)
  • Mini Access
  • Character Changing (can turn into his unmasked form)


Sorry, the puffball's invading my ship once more. Till we meet again...
— Meta Knight's 1st line when exiting the game
Sorry, i have to take back the Halberd again for... specific reasons.
— Meta Knight's 2nd line when exiting the game
What is this mysterious relic? Sailor Dee!
— Meta Knight when unable to solve a puzzle
I can see I'm not the only Meta Knight on Planet Popstar
— Meta Knight to Meta Knight
There's nothing my Galaxia can't handle...... that's sword handled.
— Meta Knight when able to solve a puzzle
This will have to be analyzed back in the lab deck......
— Meta Knight when obtaining a collectible



  • Like he does in Kirby Super Star Ultra, Meta Knight retreated into his mask will fall off-screen when he dies
  • Meta Knight most likely references Brawl's subspace emissary when he says his 2nd exiting line