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Character Information
Name Maxwell
Franchise Scribblenauts
Weapons/Accessories Journal
Vehicles and/or Gadgets Lily's Globe
Occupation Scribblenauts Hero
Residence Pac-Land

Maxwell is one of the Fun Pack characters in LEGO Dimensions. He appears in the Scribblenauts Fun Pack for the Scribblenauts franchise.


According to Scribblenauts Unlimited's storyline, Maxwell was born into a family of 44, with 41 brothers, one sister, and their parents. Being the son of Edgar and Julie, each of the 42 siblings were given magical gifts from their parent's previous travels. Maxwell's was a magical notebook, and Lily's was a globe that brought her anywhere in the world (The other gifts are unknown). When Lily was cursed to slowly turn to stone because Maxwell tricked a beggar to eat a rotten apple made by the magic notebook, Maxwell needed to collect Starites by making people happy by helping them out with their problems. After removing the curse, he went on to continue finding Starites, either by helping people or searching places where they may already be. Though he is meant to be helping, he's not afraid to defeat a few people and make his own worlds, whether they be paradises or nightmares.

Dimension Crisis



Scribblenauts: TBA



3-Hit Attack

Ground Pound

Idle Animations

Finishing Moves