Martin Brody
Character Information
Name Martin Brody
Gender Male
Franchise Jaws
Weapons/Accessories N/A
Vehicles and/or Gadgets TBA
Occupation Chief of Police
Residence Martha's Vineyard
Let's see...
— Brody's first line when entering the game
Here? You gotta be kiddin'.
— Brody's second line when entering the game
— Brody's third line when entering the game

Martin Brody is one of the Level Pack Characters in LEGO Dimensions, from the Jaws franchise. He appears in the Jaws Level Pack


  • Target
  • Grapple
  • Dive
  • Character Changing


I'm going home.
— Brody's first line when leaving the game
We gotta get back soon...
— Brody's second line when leaving the game
I signed on the wrong line...
— Helmet's third line when leaving the game
This has got to be one big violation...
— Helmet when in the Vortex
Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum..
— Brody to Jack Sparrow
You going out too, Ben?
— Helmet to Ben Tennyson
Y'know, I used to hate the water...
— Brody to SpongeBob
What is this?
— Brody to Brody
What's that, a ship?
— Brody when riding the Black Pearl
I can't work in a vacuum.
— Brody when riding the Vacuum Monster
I didn't agree to that!
— Brody to Big-Fig/Mech
— Brody finding a collectable
What? What?!
— Brody when unable to solve a puzzle
Do me this favor just once. Use the ponds
— Brody in combat
— Brody when respawning


  • He is voiced via Archive Audio
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