Mark Smith
Character Information
Name Mark Smith
Gender Male
Franchise 4Corners
Weapons/Accessories Guitar
Vehicles and/or Gadgets Music Mobile and Boom Amp
Occupation 6th Grade Student at Cornerville Middle School
Residence Corner Apartments
It's time to rock and roll!
— Mark's first line when entering the game.
Hey! I was in the middle of tuning my guitar!
— Mark's second line when entering the game.
Something wild is gonna happen! I know it!
— Mark's third line when entering the game

Mark Smith is one of the Level Pack Characters in LEGO Dimensions, from the 4Corners franchise.


  • Sonar Smash
  • Mini Access
  • Boomerang (Guitar)
  • Laser Deflector (Guitar)
  • Super Strength (Guitar Smash)


I need to restring my guitar. I'll be right back!
— Mark's first line when leaving the game
I love to stay and chat, but I gotta jam somewhere else!
— Mark's second line when leaving the game
Later, dudes. It's almost curfew.
— Mark's third line when leaving the game
Hey, Marty! You gotta tell me where you got that guitar!
— Mark when seeing Marty McFly
I want your guitar!
— Mark when seeing Marceline
Hey, Bart. Do you think you think your sister, Lisa, is available for a jam session sometime?
— Mark when seeing Bart Simpson
There's something familiar about you Robin, but your voice sounds a bit off.
— Mark when seeing Robin (The LEGO Batman Movie)
Hey, Sonic. I heard you played guitar before. How'd you get so good at it?
— Mark when seeing Sonic
Woah! What kind of music will charm this savage beast?
— Mark when seeing giant characters
I wonder if I can find a rockin' guitar while I'm here.
— Mark when idle.
This is a rockin' thing that I can do!
— Mark when solving a puzzle
I guess rock and roll won't work on this.
— Mark when unable to solve a puzzle
Now that was rockin'!
— Mark after a puzzle has been solved
Ow! That didn't rock at all!
— Mark when respawning
Good thing I don't need a license to drive this!
— Mark when riding the Music Mobile
This is what happens when I listen to psychedelic music!
— Mark when travelling by portal


  • Mark is voiced by Michael Cera.
    • His interaction with Robin (The LEGO Batman Movie) is a reference to Cera being unable to voice Robin in LEGO Dimensions.
  • Mark's interaction with Sonic is a reference to a cartoon called Sonic Underground.
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