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Character Information
Name Mario
Gender Male
Franchise Nintendo (Super Mario)
Weapons/Accessories F.L.U.D.D.
Vehicles and/or Gadgets Mario Kart
Cannon Box
Occupation Plumber/Mushroom Kingdom Hero
Residence The Mushroom Kingdom

It's-a me, Mario!Mario when entering the game

Mario's second line when entering the gameLet's-a go!

Mario's third line when entering the gameHere we go!

Mario is one of the Level Pack Characters in LEGO Dimensions, from the Super Mario franchise created by Nintendo.


  • Acrobatics
  • Super Jump
  • Super Strength
  • Fix-It
  • Power-Up Switch
    • Fire Flower
      • Target
      • Silver LEGO Blowup
    • Ice Flower
      • Ice Blast
    • Mega Mushroom
      • Big Transform
        • Super Strength
    • Mini Mushroom
      • Mini Access
    • Wing Cap
      • Flight
    • Metal Cap
      • Magno Gloves
      • Weight Switch
    • F.L.U.D.D.
      • Water Spray
        • Growth
        • Hazard Cleaner
    • Frog Suit
      • Dive
    • Tanooki Suit
      • Glide
      • Stealth
    • Cappy
      • Mind Control
    • Super Star
      • Invulnerability


Mario's first line when leaving the gameBye-Bye!

Mario's second line when leaving the gameGame over!

Mario's third line when leaving the gameSee you next time!

Mario's first line in the VortexYahoo!

Mario's second line in the vortexWaaaaaaah!

Mario's line when in combatTake-a this!

La, la, la, la la la la...Mario's first idle line

Mario is number one!Mario's second idle line

Nighty nighty. Ah spaghetti. Ah, ravioli. Ahh, mama mia.Mario's third idle line (on his sleeping animation)

Oh, the engineering. Mamma mia.Mario's line when unable to solve a puzzle

Mario when figuring out a puzzleNo problem!

Welcome to Mario Kart!Mario's line when riding Mario Kart

I'm-a-tired...Mario's line when respawning

It's Mario time!Mario when getting a collectable

Mario when seeing a Big-Fig or when riding a mech.Mamma mia!

Sonic! It's-a-been so long we met!Mario when meeting Sonic

Mario when meeting any villain characterOh no!

Shadow Mario! Bowser Jr. shouldn't do-a-that again since that-Delfino Plaza-incident!Mario's line when meeting himself

Entrance and Exit Animations


Animation Frames Time
Mario leaps out of the rift in his iconic pose and lands on the ground. 360 0:06

About To Exit

Animation Frames Time
Mario is kneeling like if starting to perform a somersault. 240 0:04


Animation Frames Time
Mario somersaults backwards and jumps back into the rift in process. 240 0:04

Idle Animations

Number Animation Frames Time
1 Mario is humming a Super Mario theme song as he taps his foot in rhythm and adjusts his hat. 480 0:08
2 Mario lies down on the ground, taking a nap and dreams about pasta. This occurs after a minute or two, and he continues sleeping until the player starts moving again. 780 0:13

Attack Animations

Normal Attack

Number Animation Frames Time
1 Mario punches forward with his right hand. 120 0:02
2 Mario punches forward with his left hand. 120 0:02
3 Mario kicks with his right leg. 120 0:02
4 Mario hops into the air while spinning. 120 0:02

Ground Pound

Animation Number Frames Time
Mario spins around and then slams on the ground butt-first, emitting a shockwave around him. 1 360 0:06

Finishing Moves

Number Animation Frames Time
1 Mario jumps into the air and stomps on the opponent, flattening them. 300 0:05
2 Mario starts to spin around rapidly with his fists outstretched, hitting the enemy multiple times into pieces. 420 0:07


  • Mario is voiced by Charles Martinet, who previously voiced him in every game since Super Mario 64.
  • Like Sonic, Mario will have a different death animation; where he flies into the air before falling off-screen, often in a "sitting" spread-out contorted pose like he does in the games (or in this game, phasing right through the ground.)
  • One of Mario's idle animations features him taking a nap and dreaming about pasta, like in Super Mario 64.
  • Mario's toy tag consists of his hat's "M" icon on the back, his name in Super Mario font on the front and the background of his toy tag is red, however, the sides in yellow with "?" Block markings.
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