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Character Information
Name Mario
Gender Male
Franchise Super Mario
Weapons/Accessories None
Vehicles and/or Gadgets Mario Kart, Yoshi
Occupation Plumber
Residence Mushroom Kingdom
It's-a me, Mario!
— Mario's first line when entering the game
Let's-a go!
— Mario's second line when entering the game
Here we go!
— Mario's third line when entering the game

Mario is one of the Level Pack Characters in LEGO Dimensions, from the Super Mario franchise. He appears in the Super Mario Level Pack


  • Mini Access
  • Super Jump
  • Transformation
    • Fire Mario
      • Target
      • Silver LEGO Blowup
    • Frog Mario
      • Dive
    • Cape Mario
      • Infinite Jump
      • Glide
    • Metal Mario
      • Sink
      • Magno Gloves
    • F.L.U.D.D
      • Hazard Cleaner
      • Water Spray
      • Growth
    • Boo Mario
      • Flight
      • Slurp Access
    • Cat Mario
      • Wall Climb


Game over!
— Mario's first line when leaving the game
I'm beat...
— Mario's second line when leaving the game
Hey, you very good! See you next time!
— Mario's third line when leaving the game
Where am I?
— Mario when in the Vortex
What are you doing? What's going on here?
— Mario to Mario (Super Mario Bros Movie)
It's-a me! I've been on fire lately, but I hope you'll challenge me!
— Mario to Sonic
A plan this maniacal, this cunning...this must be the work of Bowser!
— Mario to Mario
Looks like a giant!
— Mario to Big-Fig/Mech
Woo-hoo! Just what I needed!
— Mario finding a collectable
Well, Bowser's not gonna get away with it, not as long as I'm around!
— Mario when unable to solve a puzzle
No problem!
— Mario when able to solve a puzzle
Okey dokey!
— Mario in combat
Mama mia!
— Mario's when respawning


  • He is voiced by Charles Martinet