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Marble Launcher
Marble Launcher.png
Marble Launcher
Owner Underminer
Abilities *Target
Set Abomination Defense Team Pack

Marble Launcher is an Abomination Defense vehicle in LEGO Dimensions.


Marble Launchers are mobile catapults used by Catapult Mutants. Of all the things Catapult Mutant could launch with his catapult, marbles seemed like the best and most obvious choice. The catapult appears to be built from wood, a police licence plate, two normal sized wheels, two larger trash lid wheels, a snow guard, caution tape, half of a boulder, and two exhausts on either side.



  • The model can actually catapult glass marbles.
  • It is currently unknown where the marbles are coming from.
    • Catapult Mutants keep them in their mouths in Abomination Defense, but they cannot ride the Marble Launcher in Dimensions.
  • Whenever sniper scoped, a Catapult Dragon Knight from LEGO Kingdoms appears, and then hits the catapult, causing it to fire a marble at the screen.