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Majin Boo is one of the Dragon Ball Main characters. Several of his transformations appear in LEGO Dimensions 2 Powers Collision.

  1. Kid Boo , the original appearance of him, is unknown how he was created but it is known that Bibidi The Magician found him and manipulated him to help him in his evil plans.
  2. Muscle Boo, it was the second transformation that he obtained after absorbing the Supreme Kai of the South, this transformation increased the physical strength of Majin Boo however it slowed him down.
  3. Mister Boo, is the third transformation of Majin Boo that was acquired after absorbing the Holy Kai, this transformation makes him more powerful and gives him a more adorable appearance and unlike the rest of the transformations this transformation of Boo is a good guy.
  4. Evil Boo, the fourth transformation of Majin Boo, who is born after Mister Boo expelled all the evil from him, his appearance is similar to Van Sant one of the secondary villains of Dragon Ball who was the indirect cause of the creation of Evil Boo.
  5. Super Boo, is the fifth transformation of Majin Boo which was obtained by combining the good and bad sides of Majin Boo, giving him a bigger and more powerful appearance.
  6. Super Boo Tien, is a non-canonical transformation of Majin Boo which appears in some Dragon Ball video games, it is obtained by absorbing Tien and increases the powers of Majin Boo although the power obtained is very little.
  7. Super Boo Picolo, the sixth official transformation of the character which he acquires by absorbing Picolo, gives him an intelligence boost.
  8. Super Boo Gothenks, the seventh transformation of Majin Boo which he obtains by absorbing Gothenks gives him a power increase which unfortunately for Majin Boo lasted only 30 minutes.
  9. Super Boo Gohan, the eighth transformation of him which he obtained by absorbing mystical Gohan, is the most powerful transformation of the character.


  • Goku and Vegeta fought against Super Boo Gohan discovered that inside him were all the warriors absorbed by Boo, which freed them and by releasing Mister Boo they caused the death of Super Boo and accidentally brought back the original Kid Boo, Goku destroyed Kid Boo who reincarnated in a boy named Uub, Mister Boo became a good Guy and became part of the Z Warriors.


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