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Character Information
Name Mahoganer
Gender Male
Franchise Biomecha
Weapons/Accessories *Minigun
  • Knife
  • Crossbow
Occupation Kohli Athlete
Residence Thank-Heart
I can't believe it! I have been chosen!
— Mahoganer's first line when entering the game
I AM A WARRI! Well, I am the herald.
— Mahoganer's second line when entering the game
I'm not gonna hurt you!
— Mahoganer's third line when entering the game

Mahoganer is a BIOMECHA character in LEGO Dimensions.


  • Grapple (Grappling Hook)
    • Rope Swing
  • Target (Crossbow)
  • Laser (Minigun)
  • Multi Target (Minigun)
  • Vine Cut (Dirk)
  • Sword Switch (Dirk)
  • Bronze LEGO Blowup (Minigun)
  • Giant
    • Super Strength
      • Super Strength Handles
      • Fistlock


Nature calls! What is left of it, anyways.
— Mahoganer's first line when leaving the game
Bye, @everyone.
— Mahoganer's second line when leaving the game
Life Akbar.
— Mahoganer's third line when leaving the game
A Pepper Box? The Iron Beasts must be near...
— Mahoganer using the Rip Gatling
Huh? A truck with a mini gun is nothing new, but ME fitting in one?
— Mahoganer riding Thump Jeep
Fire the cannons!
— Mahoganer riding the Master Cannon