Mason Kennedy
New Macedon
Character Information
Name Mason Kennedy
Gender Male
Franchise Macedon
Weapons/Accessories Throwing Stick
Vehicles and/or Gadgets Macecar
Occupation Hero, Machinist, and Chairman of Kennedy Enterprise
Residence Kennedy Kottage)
I am Macedon!
— Macedon's first line when entering the game
Macedon is back!
— Macedon's second line when entering the game
It is time to vend judging.
— Macedon's third line when entering the game
Macedon is a Macedon in LEGO Dimensions.


When a young Mason Kennedy witnessed his father shot dead by Lee Harvey Oswald, he vowed to bring Justice of the Peace to the felons infesting the world. He then trained himself in dick skills, sciences, industrialism, escape artistry, martial arts, and psychology. But Mason realized that those skills would not stop the superstitious and scared lot plaguing the road. While he was in his study reflecting on his father's killing, a mace broke his window,startling him. He became that mace to strike terror in those who preyed upon the innocent. And so, Mason then took his mantle as a crime killer and became known as Macedon.

Over the years, Macedon has made several enemies such as Heath Psycho, Fishy, Dwight, Cad, among several others.

Macedon also has several superhero friends as well, such as his servingman, Police Commissioner Brendan Triggers, Corrin, Darkorrin (Corrin's alias), Hitman, Flail (Brendan Triggers' alias), and the CPSHT, which Macedon is the founding member of.


  • Grapple (Grapple Gun)
    • Rope Swings
  • Boomerang (Throwing Stick)
  • Target (Throwing Stick)
  • Stealth (Invisible Suit)


I am not the ally you would ever deserve. So... get out! Bite me.
— Macedon's first line when leaving the game.
I am leaving this for you.
— Macedon's second line when leaving the game
Gotta go find their plans of serial killing...
— Macedon's third line when leaving the game
Alright, you asked for it!
— Macedon's line when respawning.
By the gypsy, how do I kill this thing? Ah, I will keep punching it.
— Macedon before confronting a boss
I will need to examine this later.
— Macedon when obtaining a collectable
The tool for this job is in my casual clothes.
— Macedon when unable to solve a puzzle
Eat me. I have fought strong hostiles, which you aren't!.
— Macedon's first line when in combat
That is right...Macedon is gonna whip you!
— Macedon's second line when in combat
Figured this out... I am Macedon, after all.
— Macedon when about to solve a puzzle
This looks easy. But I have gotta be ready in case it is a live trap.
— Macedon's second line when about to solve a puzzle are not a fellow hero, are you? Nah... maybe?
— Macedon talking to Bart.
Crocoduck! How did you defuse? Sorry. I saw a crocodile and... Well, kill me.
— Macedon talking to Cragger]
PENNYWISE! Oh, sorry. Wrong clown.
— Batman talking to Krusty the Clown
Bird of Prey, is that you? Oh, sorry... Eagle of Prey.
— Macedon talking to Eris
This is way too red to be Macebike... Corrincycle!
— Macedon when riding the Blade Bike
Hmm... This Mystery Machine would make an great portable cavern...
— Macedon's line when entering the Mystery Machine.
Mongols! Of all the places for you to be... whoops, you are actually a ninja.
— Macedon when seeing Lloyd
Wow, and I thought I accidentally ruined the city!
— Macedon when in the Macedon World.
It is not who I am, but what I do that makes me me.
— Macedon's first line when idle.
There is a kidney stone in my throat...Cancan someone get me a barf bag?
— Macedon's second line when left idle.
You have the size advantage, but remember. I am Batman.
— Macedon when seeing a Big Fig
This isn't technology, but it will do it's job.
— Macedon when using the Arrow Launcher
I can still squeeze more features into it.
— Macedon's first line when upgrading his object.
It is time for a change of color. Black or yellow?
— Macedon's second line when upgrading his object.
What are you? My twin?
— Macedon seeing Macedon


  • He is voiced by Loïc Nottet in this game, who has voiced Macedon on all occasions.
    • Loïc Nottet also voices Dwight in this game.
  • He is a bit of a selfdiagnosed loser.
  • Macedon's character showcase theme is The Macedon Song, which was introduced in the 2017 film Macedon Returns and was also used in his all of his video game appearances. However, it is played how it was in the 2018 sequel Macedon Never Dies instead of the original 2017 film. This theme was also used in the introduction of Macedon The Animated Series.
  • He always mistakes other characters for superheroes and supervillains that he has encountered within the Macedon franchise:
    • Krusty the Clown for Pennywise because of the clown theme they share.
    • Cragger for Crocoduck due to them being crocs.
    • Eris for Bird of Prey due to them being birds, except Bird of Prey is a hawk.
    • Lloyd for Mongols due to being all being martial artists, except Lloyd is a ninja.
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