Harmony Lock

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A Harmony Lock

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Twilight using the Harmony Lock

The Harmony Lock can only be used by Twilight Sparkle.

In order to unlock this, the player must first activate it by interacting with it. Then the player must place the figure on each section of the Toy Pad for 5 seconds each. Each section of the Toy Pad the figure is on will slowly change to yellow for the middle section, dark blue for the left section, and bright magenta for the right section. Each part the figure is unlocking (aka each part of the Toy Pad the figure is on) will slowly turn 360° clockwise, then it will click. The Harmony Lock is unlocked when all parts of the Toy Pad are their described colors.

Cloud Kicking

Only Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, and Fluttershy have this ability.

Interactible clouds float above the characters, and must be hit with a character that has this ability three times. Other characters will get zapped with a lightning bolt, which does damage to them (unless the character in question is immune to electricity). Upon being hit, the cloud shrinks and drops studs, as well as vital pieces to progressing further in levels.

Sonic Rainboom Switches

Only Rainbow Dash can use these switches.

To activate the Sonic Rainboom switch, the player (as Rainbow Dash) must walk up to it and interact with it. The fan will start spinning rapidly and Rainbow Dash will start flying. Rapidly press jump to slowly speed up until all the lights on top of the fan are green. When this happens, a Sonic Rainboom occurs, and the switch is activated. Rainbow Dash will smash through the fan after this.

If any other character tries to use this, the fan will blow them away.

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