"This doesn't look like Heaven OR Hell..."

-Lucifer's first line when entering the game

Lucifer is a Level Pack character from the Devil Horn franchise.


Lucifer was just a normal 15 year old boy with parents obsessed with the supernatural. His parents found an ancient scroll that could open a portal to heaven, but accidentally used it upside-down, causing a portal to hell to open.

Unfortunately, Lucifer was standing just a bit too close to the portal when it opened, causing him to (painfully) grow a devil horn out of the right side of his head.

His new horn gave him devil powers, but it also attracted a lot of unwanted attention, including that of Ultra Devil, the leader of Hell, who wanted to kill Lucifer so that Lucifer cannot take his throne, as the leader of hell is determined by how humanoid you are.

Although Lucifer doesn't even want to lead hell, he is forced to fight devils on occasion.

Dimensional Crisis

Lucifer's first thought when seeing Vortech's vortexes was "Oh no... MORE portals?!". This made Lucifer's life even more chaotic than it already was.


Devil Horn


  • Laser (fire beam)
  • Melt ice
  • Telekinesis
  • Illumination
  • Heart Regeneration (only when attacking enemies)
  • Intelligence


"Usually this is instant!"

-Lucifer's first line in the vortex

"I'm going back to the mortal world before I get hurt"

-Lucifer's first line when exiting the game

"More portals?! Ugh! I'm sick of all these portals!"

-Lucifer's reaction to Chell

"Glad to know you're here with me, Angel"

-Lucifer's reaction to Angel

"This thing REALLY has to be locked away."

-Lucifer's reaction to Summoning Scroll

"It's a good thing the air isn't, like, poisonous here or something. Looking at you, Hell."

-Lucifer's first line when idle


  • Activating the "Devil Horns" red brick will just give Lucifer 1 more horn, instead of 2 horns for everyone else.
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