"Heathens! Kneel to Lord Vortoch!" -Lord Vortoch
Lord Vortoch is one of the non-playable characters in Lego Dimensions 2: The Rise of Enoch who is an alternate counterpart of Lord Vortech.


Hailing from the darkest reality as the counterpart of Lord Vortech, Lord Vortoch and his evil robot EX-PO discover Foundation Prime where it depicts the artifacts come from the start of time, the Foundation Elements. Lord Vortoch builds his home base and orders EX-PO to recruit the villains.

After gaining the Foundation Elements, he succeeded and ruled the alternate multiverse, indicating that Batman, Gandalf, and Wyldstyle are stuck in a rift loop forever after the disappearance of The Twelfth Doctor. He then took out a piece of him and forms The Trinity, an amalgation of MetalBeard, Frodo and Robin then sends them to collapse all dimensions into one which he then succeeded.


  • His name is an amalgation of Lord Vortech and Grand Emperor Enoch.
  • He is the first villain to be teased for future projects.
  • He is similar to Trigon The Terrible from DC Comics.
  • He is the first minifigure to have translucent red head, arms and torso.
  • Lord Vortoch is rumoured to be announced as one of the Battle Arena bosses in Battle Arena.
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