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Lord Vortech
Lord Vortech Reuse.PNG
Character Information
Name Lord Vortech
Gender Male?
Franchise LEGO Dimensions
Weapons/Accessories Rift Staff
Vehicles and/or Gadgets X-PO
Occupation Interdimensional Traveler, Collider of Worlds, etc.
Residence LEGO Dimensions: Foundation Prime
Surrender ... to Lord Vortech!
— LV's 1st line when entering the game
Speak of [1] for he will appear.
— LV's 2nd line when entering the game
Does anybody realize i was disrupting the universes?
— LV's 3rd line when entering the game

Lord Vortech is a Team Pack Character for the LEGO Dimensions franchise for game of same name


Throughout the storyline of LEGO Dimensions, Lord Vortech is the main antagonist willing to steal the foundation elements and make universes collide (X-PO says how their dangerous in the wrong hands, but Vortech vanishes him,) and only with the help of Frodo, Metalbeard & Robin does he progress, in which this leads to Wyldstyle, Gandalf & Batman to stop him (i wpuld say more, but im just not feeling like it.)

Dimensions Crisis


Adventure World

LEGO Dimensions: Foundation Prime


  • Magic Portal
  • Portal Gun
  • Big Transform
    • Super Strength
      • Super Strength Handles
  • Acrobat
  • Grapple (Cowboy Vortech)
  • Intelligence
  • Technology (Robot Vortech)
  • Hacking (Robot Vortech)
  • Teleportation
  • Magic
  • Dark Magic
  • Fix-it
  • Target (Cowboy Vortech)
  • Pole Vault (Staff)
  • Backup (minions)
  • Dive (Robot Vortech)
  • Master Build
  • LEGO Constructs

Finishing Moves

  • Lord Vortech Banishes the Enemy, like he banished X-PO in the opening cut scene
  • Lord Vortech disappears down a rift, leaving the enemy confused and walking away, only for Vortech to reappear behind the enemy And smash the enemy.

Entrance and Exit

  1. Jumps out of the rift in a flash of white, like in the opening cut scene
  2. Notices the rift and jumps into it




When I said my end line when entering the game, I didn't expect this.
— Lord Vortech to The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man
I don't want to be around when Wyldstyle, Batman & Gandalf crowd me on the toy pad... besides, their are universes elsewhere I should get to.
— LV's 1st line when exiting the game
I think I saw a Foundation Element over there, this won't be the last you will see of me, however...
— Lord Vortech's 2nd line when exiting the game
If you need me, I'll be in Foundation Prime...
— Lord Vortech's 3rd line when exiting the game
X-PO? I thought I had banished you..
— Lord Vortech to X-PO
I thought i had already took you captive. How did you escape exactly? A spoon? Lots and lots of time machines?
— Lord Vortech to Robin (Teen Titans Go!)
You look oddly familiar... is it a new haircut. ROBIN? (Robin's Response: oh, you noticed too!? Your too tweet, tweet, ON THE SWEET!)
— Lord Vortech to Robin (The LEGO Batman Movie)
Huh. Wonder where the portals came from.
— Lord Vortech when in Vorton
Hey, X-PO, you haven't broken anything since I banished you, right?
— Lord Vortech when in Vorton, after completing Once Upon a Time Machine In the West (basically when X-PO is built)
— Lord Vortech to Lord Vortech [TBA QUOTE]
In times like this, I wish I hadn't banished X-PO...
— Lord Vortech when unable to solve a puzzle.
— Lord Vortech to Gamer Kid/Gal
I do not remember seeing this kind of relic in any universe I've seen...
— Lord Vortech's 2nd line when unable to solve a puzlle

More Quotes are TBA


  • Lord Vortech talks in text when he talks to Gamer Kid or Gamer Gal, and is the second to reference the famous line "ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US," the 1st reference being the Midway Arcade Story Level "All Your Bricks are Belong to Us"
  • Lord Vortech breaks the 4th wall when he references the toy pad in his 1st line when exiting the game
  • when he asks how Robin (mistaking the Teen Titans Go! 1 for the D.C. Comics variant) escaped, he references Robin's plans to escape The Brain's cell in Brian and Operation D.U.D.E. Rescue. Digging out with a spoon, and waiting for him and Cyborg/Beast Boy's future variants to save them.
  • (see reference [1])
  • Lord Vortech is the first character to reference one of their own quotes, as in his quote to Stay Puft


the traveler

  1. the traveler