Lord Vortech's Fortress is a palace in LEGO Dimensions that Lord Vortech built on Foundation Prime and a minor location in Lego Dimensions 2: The Rise of Enoch.


Dimensions Crisis

Lord Vortech uses his powers to assemble a fortress surrounding the origin point. From this point forward Vortech uses Foundation Prime as his home base from which he captures heroes and good guys and sends villains and bad guys to carry out his takeover of all the dimensions by returning the Foundation Elements to their point of origin. In Prime Time Vortech uses his powers to assemble obstacles to stop BatmanGandalf, and Wyldstyle from reaching his fortress but they do finally arrive and fight Vortech to save their friends. However, their attempts to banish Vortech fail and the villains collect the final Foundation Elements from Vorton revealing the Green Baseplate which Vortech uses to assemble The Tri from Robin, Frodo, and MetalBeard. The Heroes return to a final fight with Vortech during The Final Dimension. Along with the Foundation of All Dimensions destroyed, so did the fortress.

However, a small brick of Vortech remained in the lair. It was picked up by a most unlikely figure and slowly possessed him, becoming an entity similar to Lord Vortech. The fate of him is unknown.

Grand Interdimensional War


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