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Lloyd is one of the Fun Pack characters in LEGO Dimensions 2: The Rise of Enoch, from the Ninjago franchise.


Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

Rise of the Snakes

Lloyd was the son of Lord Garmadon and Misako, nephew to Sensei Wu and grandson of the first Spinjitzu master. In The Episode "The Green Ninja", Lloyd became the green ninja.

A young, immature child obsessed with candy, Lloyd Garmadon attended the Darkley's Boarding School for Bad Boys. Lloyd accidentally stumbled upon the Hypnobrai and their General, Slithraa, while running away from the ninjas. Slithraa mistakenly uses his mind control on himself when he attempted to control Lloyd but hit a block of ice that reflected the hypnosis, allowing Lloyd to take over the Hypnobrai army for his childish acts in episode 1 "Rise Of The Snakes".

Slithraa's second in command, Skales, and the other members of the tribe were frustrated with their general forcing them to do childish deeds for Lloyd such as collecting all the candy in Jamonacai Village, and building a tree house. After a battle with the ninja, Skales and Slithraa had a battle in the "Slither Pit" in which Skales became general and Slithraa reverted back into his soldier form. The new general then banished Lloyd from their tribe, who left with a map that he had stolen from one of the Hypnobrai to find the other Serpentine tribes in episode 2 "Home".

He succeeds at this by unleashing the Fangpyre, who helped him with many things such as creating new vehicles and almost turning Ed and Edna into snakes in episode 3 "Snake Bit." After being betrayed by the secret allegiance between the Fangpyre and Hypnobrai tribes, Lloyd decided to unleash the Anacondrai, but only found the last surviving member Pythor P. Chumsworth, who became his "best friend", to betray him. He was then rescued by the ninjas. In episode four "Never Trust a Snake", he chooses to help his uncle Sensei Wu, after being read a book also titled "Never Trust a Snake".

The next day, Sensei Wu puts him up to prank the ninjas for today's lesson to show them the destructive power of rumours and that jumping to conclusion can only lead to trouble. Then Wu says that he misplaced his lesson book, but when Kai found the lesson book from Lloyd's pocket, he found out that he stole it. Then Lloyd says that it was a perfect plan until the ninjas had to mess him up, after which Cole closes the door in front of Lloyd in his room interrupting him. When Nya calls the ninjas to the HQ lobby, she talks about Pythor trying to get all five tribes united. This makes Lloyd feel guilty and he probably feels sad or worse in episode 5 "Can Of Worms." At the end he washes Zane's suit until it was no longer pink. Lloyd gives Cole a can of nuts to say sorry, but Cole says there is a bunch of toy snakes inside. Then he walks to the fridge and opens the fridge. When opened, a bunch of toy snakes pop out and everyone laughs, even Cole.

In Episode 6: "The Snake King", he is taken into "babysitting" by Kai. When he drops Lloyd off at an arcade so he can look for Samurai X, he overhears Skales talking about a lost city. Buying a headdress, he follows Skales to the city, where he watches Pythor P. Chumsworth unite the tribes by defeating the leaders of the tribes using Sensei Wu's sacred flute. When he sees Pythor win, he drops his maracas (which were making the snake sound that made the other serpentine believe he was one of them) and is taken captive by the Serpentine. When Samurai X came to free Lloyd, she was not able to escape, she was taken captive by the Serpentine, and forced to fight the ninjas which the Serpentine were sure would come to save Lloyd. Samurai X pretends to fight the ninjas in a plan to save Lloyd, but instead she saves the ninjas and gets the golden weapons to give to the ninjas. Lloyd is still held captive in episode 7 "Tick Tock" and Episode 8 "Once Bitten, Twice Shy". In "The Royal Blacksmiths" the Serpentine use him to get past some traps in a temple so he can be freed, but because the fang blade was gone he was still imprisoned.

In the episode "All of Nothing", Lloyd is forced to try to save the ninja after they were captured getting the Fangblades. During this, he trips on the Green Ninja Suit, rolling right into the Serpentine. Before he can be captured however, Lord Garmadon shows up with the Skulkin Army.

In "Rise of the Great Devourer", he pilots the Bounty after Pythor tries to take the Fangblades. This meant Lloyd was tied to the training equipment and his mouth taped shut by Pythor. Eventually, he is freed, and warns the ninja. But he is too late. Afterwards, he pilots the Bounty (and the ninja) to Ouroboros.

Legacy of The Green Ninja

In Episode 18, "Child's Play", the four ninja are turned into children by Lord Garmadon, and to become adults again they must smell some "Tomorrow's Tea." However, when Sensei Wu, who has the tea, finds the small Ninja, they are at a comic book shop with Lloyd battling a Grundle, and have to also turn Lloyd into an teenager.

In "Wrong Place, Wrong Time", Lloyd is training with a large arsenal of weapons. Later, Sensei Wu and the Ninja confront Lord Garmadon. Lloyd arrives on the scene and freezes the tip of the Mega Weapon. After the ninja go back in time, a wave of dark clouds looms over Ninjago City, and a picture of Lloyd from a portrait disappears, indicating that he is no longer with the Ninja in the present. His portrait later gets restored. After the ninja destroy the Mega Weapon, they are sent right back to training with Lloyd. However, due to the Mega Weapon apparently being destroyed, Lloyd has no knowledge that it ever existed.

In "The Stone Army", at the Destiny's Bounty, the Ninja are awakened by their alarm clock, Lloyd tiredly using his powers to break it. Sensei Wu comes into their room telling them that the Ultra Dragon made a mess outside, and the Ninja leave Lloyd to clean up the mess by himself, saying that having a Dragon for a pet takes a lot of responsibility. They ask Lloyd if his mom let him have a pet, to which Lloyd replies saying that he does not remember his mom because she abandoned him when he was young.

One Stone Warrior toy slips out and Sensei Wu chases it down the hallway, though while smashing it, he runs into Lloyd's mother, Misako. When Lloyd exits the merchandise room, Sensei Wu introduces her to the Ninja. Upon meeting, Misako tells her son that she had her reasons for leaving, but Lloyd refuses to listen and leaves to another room to be alone. Misako finds Lloyd sitting at the edge of the bottomless sinkhole exhibit, to which she states that it is where she unearthed the Giant Stone Warrior. Misako explains that she abandoned him in order to learn everything about the Green Ninja prophecy, knowing that Lloyd would be the Green Ninja and wanting to stop him and his father from fighting. That it can work.

The Stone Warrior rampages through the Museum and confronts the Ninja. They try to fight it off to no avail, and they are forced to flee the room and run through the Museum as they try devising a plan to defeat it. They stop inside a large room and close the doors, and as the Stone Warrior begins to break it down Lloyd suddenly comes up with a plan and tells the Ninja to distract it. Lloyd leaves the room and the Stone Warrior breaks in. Misako decides to help Lloyd by leading the Stone Warrior to Lloyd's location. After she meets up with him, Lloyd manages to trick the Stone Warrior into stepping over the fake floor paneling, revealing the giant sinkhole where it was unearthed. Once the warrior falls, Misako tells Lloyd that she is proud of her son.

In "The Last Voyage", the ninja sail to the dark island on the flightless Destiny's Bounty. Along the way they run into a storm and the ship-eating Starteeth. When the storm passes the ship, which now is missing a rudder and and has a hole in the side, the ship runs ashore on an island with a prison tower. When the ninja get to the top, Dr. Julien greets them and takes them in. Later, the ninja sail further to the island of Darkness.

In "Island of Darkness", Lloyd saves Sensei Wu from a Stone Warrior after they are spotted on the island. Eventually, he joins the four ninja in Cole's Earth Driller, to the mountain. The Stone Army catch up, so Kai tries out his Fire Mech, and uses it to take them to the Temple of Light. All four ninja place themselves where their elemental symbols are, with Lloyd in the middle of them. They all receive elemental robes, and fight off the Stone Army.

In "The Last Hope" Garmadon uses a mech to disarm Cole's Earth Driller, and then Lloyd arrives to protect Nya, Misako and the ninja. He destroys his father's mech, severely injuring him, too. Lloyd attempts to summon the Golden Dragon, to defeat Lord Garmadon, but has no guts. They leave, with Garmadon's helmet. After that, they meet Sensei Wu at the celestial clock, and attempt to find the helmet's perch, to prevent the final battle, but General Kozugrabs it. Cole eventually retrieves it, and gives it to Misako. Unfortunately, they fail to place it on the discovered perch in time. Kozu laughs insanely, while a beam hits Garmadon's camp. The Stone Army kidnaps Nya, as the others fall off the cliff and into the ocean. Lloyd blames himself for this, because he didn't have the courage to summon the Golden Dragon. They walk back to the Bounty, while the Overlord presents his final gift to Lord Garmadon- the Garmatron.

In "Return of the Overlord" Lloyd and the others intend to start the final battle and attack the Stone Army base, only to find it empty. They see the Garmatron's tracks and follow them. The group is attacked by Nya, who has been turned evil by Lord Garmadon, and the Ninja buy time for Lloyd, Sensei Wu, and Misako to stop The Overlord and Garmadon. When they get there, they are too late to prevent Ninjago from being infected by darkness, by which the Overlord possess Garmadon and faces off against Lloyd. Although Lloyd puts up a stand, he is left with an injured leg and the Overlord escapes to Ninjago.

In "Rise of the Spinjitzu Master" Lloyd encourages the other Ninja to continue the fight when the others give up. The Falcon guides the ninja back to the Temple of Light, where they discover the Golden Mech and Ultra Dragon returns to the ninja. The ninja return to Ninjago city, where they are attacked by the stone army. The ninja try to draw the Stone Army's fire, but evil Nya destroys the mech. Dareth finds the helmet of shadows, and calls off the Stone Army. The Ninja help Lloyd, who was injured in the last fight against the Overlord, but are each turned evil by dark matter. In the end, Lloyd challenges the Overlord and finally unlocks his full potential—the essence of Light—and defeats him. This cures Ninjago from darkness, and also purifies Garmadon of his evil. Reunited with his father, Lloyd and the others state that they'll be ready if evil strikes again.


After the defeat of the Overlord, Lloyd tours Ninjago celebrating his victory throughout the first part of "The Surge" but flies to New Ninjago City on the Golden Dragon after learning about the Overlord. Soon, the Overlord returns to Ninjago, and infects Cyrus Borg's computer systems with the intention of draining Lloyd's powers so he can escape with his own body. Escaping with his father from the digital demon and his new servants, the Nindroids, he learns the value of balance in using his elemental powers instead of his golden power. However, he is eventually captured by the Overlord and nearly killed from being drained of his power before escaping, due to the Ninja successfully rebooting the system. Deciding that his gold powers were too dangerous for him alone to wield, he divides it for the Ninja in the Temple of Light, giving their elemental powers similar qualities to his own.

Yet, they discover the Overlord not only survived but is also going after the Golden Weapons, which will complete his transition as the Golden Master. Lloyd leads the mission to stop the Nindroids from space and back, fending off both them and metal-eating alien bugs, but they fail to prevent the weapons from being melted down as the Overlord's armor. Defenseless against his new power, Lloyd and the others retreat into the city's Temple of Fortitude where they power themselves with shells of Stone Warrior soldiers with the help of Wu and Garmadon. Lloyd manages to break through the Overlord's new gold defenses, but he and the others soon get caught. It is only then that Zane sacrifices himself to turn the golden power against the self-proclaimed Master, destroying both of them and icing the whole city. He is also present at Zane's funeral later on.

Tournament of Elements

Afterwards, Lloyd takes more of the role as leader when he and the remaining Ninja receive mysterious news that Zane is still alive on an island ruled by Master Chen. Hopeful, they head off in secret as according to Chen's instructions—even though Garmadon discovers their mission and follows. While upon the island, Lloyd learns that Chen used to be Garmadon's sensei for a time, and that Chen has actually summoned other elemental masters to a fighting tournament. But this turns out to be a front for Chen to steal their powers for his own uses, which prompts Lloyd to rally the other masters into forming an alliance to stop him. This does not last, as Chen uses a search for Nya (who snuck onto the island) to eliminate the other masters, leaving Lloyd as the remaining competitor. Thus, he finds himself against the might of all the other elemental powers upon fighting the cultist leader, and is defeated after a time. The scheme is busted when Kai and new ally Skylor, another fellow master whom she and Kai have developed feelings for each other, defeat Chen and destroy his staff holding the stolen powers.

Although gaining the upper hand, Lloyd and the other Masters find themselves facing a losing battle against the cultists, whom have been successfully changed into Anacondrai snakes by Chen's doing. From here on, the Green Ninja becomes the leader of the Elemental Masters and drives them, the citizens, and even the Serpentine to fight together successfully against Chen's army. However, the victory came at the cost of his father's life in cursing himself to the Cursed Realm in place of the Anacondrai generals' spirits, whom provided the final blow to the slithering imposters. Despite his sadness in losing his father again, he accepts the loss and burns the spell book used, knowing that Garmadon's legacy will always be with him and his friends.

Shadow of Ronin

After the incident, Lloyd has left to visit the Golden Peaks for unknown reasons. However, he is soon met by the Ninja who need help in their battle with the mercenary, Ronin. He and the Ninja then defeat Ronin, who escapes on the Reks.


After the loss of his father, Lloyd has been down. However, he soon hears of a ghost roaming a museum. After getting there, he meets Morro, who possesses him, becoming an Evil Green Ninja with wind powers. He then takes an Airjitzu scroll from Ronin, learning the fighting style.

Eventually, Lloyd was freed and defeats Morro.


Later on, Lloyd wishes Nadakhan to make him wise like Sensei Wu. However, it also turns Lloyd into an old man.

The Dark Island Trilogy

Day of the Departed/Pythor's Revenge

After racing with his teammates to the Ninjago City Museum of History to obtain lanterns for the Day of the Departed celebration, Lloyd went with his mother to the monument of his father to commemorate Garmadon's loss. They were then attacked by Pythor, who was looking to settle their score once and for all using a weaponempowered with the magic of Sensei Yang. Lloyd was hard-pressed to defend both Misako and himself, but was eventually able to draw strength from the memory of his father to fight back. Pythor was forced to retreat, but Misako warned her son that he would undoubtedly return.

Misako was proven right, as Pythor shortly thereafter returned and sought vengeance on the Ninja by stealing a piece of technology entrusted to them by Cyrus Borg.

Hands of Time

In The Hands of Time Lloyd and his teammates are helping Dr. Saunders clean up the Ninjago City Museum, with Lloyd feeling that the Ninja are partly to blame due to their conflict with the museum mannequins brought to life by Sensei Yang. During the effort, the ninja come across a massive painting depicting a battle-fictional according to Saunders-between the Elemental Masters and the villainous Hands of Time, which depicts Lloyd's father and Wu leading the charge against the enemy. Finished for the day, the group make their way to the Destiny's Bounty only to find themselves suddenly aboard, time having skipped forward a full minute. Analyzing the disturbance, Zane pinpoints the source as Sensei Wu's ruined monastery, which Lloyd recalls Wu had said he was going to in order to settle an old battle. The six ninja then travel to the monastery and are confronted by Acronix, one of the supposedly mythical Hands of Time, and engage in a battle that seemingly ends in his demise.

The Hatching finds the Ninja questioning a weary Wu about his attacker, and he shares with them that the Hands of Time were Elemental Masters who betrayed their comrades after the Serpentine Wars, forcing Wu and Garmadon to drain their powers using the Time Blades. The Hands of Time and the blades were then thought lost to time, though Wu saw a vision that indicated when Acronix would return. Thinking the matter settled with Acronix's apparent destruction and that of the Fast Forward Time Blade, the ninja turn their attention to unpacking their supplies into their new home, only to receive an alert of trouble at the launch of Cyrus Borg's latest product. The ninja soon find themselves locked in battle with the evil Vermillion warriors, whom they are only able to defeat after Nya and Jay combine their powers to drive them away. However, their victory is fruitless, as they find Zane knocked offline and Cyrus Borg missing after the Nindroid attempted to get the inventor to safety.

In A Time of Traitors Lloyd returns to the Temple of Airjitzu to watch over Wu, whose health appears to be declining; in Scavengers he overhears Wu lamenting over not having "you" with him when he faced Acronix. Believing this to be directed at him solely, he becomes guilt-ridden and decides to step up as the interim leader of the Ninja. Sadly, his efforts to organize his fellows meet with failure as they refuse to heed his counsel, but after speaking with Wu he learns that his master's regret was that he had not brought along the entire team. Relieved of this burden and recognizing his inexperience, Lloyd links up with his teammates to battle the Vermillion at a power station. Prior to this reunion, the other Ninja learned that not only had Acronix and the Fast Forward Blade survived their lost encounter, but that Dr. Saunders was in fact Krux, Acronix's twin brother.

A Line in the Sand finds the Ninja-minus Jay-facing the Vermillion at Mega Monster Amusement Park, only for the battle to be broken off when another Time Blade returns to Ninjago. The Ninja and snakes race to retrieve the weapon, and it eventually ends up in the possession of the Ninja, who make their escape. The Attack finds the Ninja overconfident due to their success, and even Lloyd falls into the trap, flying his Elemental Dragon into battle despite his awareness that fear could cause it to vanish. It does, but he is saved by the new Samurai X, and then joins his teammates in battling the Time Twins, through which they obtain the Fast Forward Blade as well. Unfortunately, General Machia then captures both blades, and she and the Time Twins then depart with a helpless Wu in tow.

Determined to make up for their failure, Lloyd and the other Ninja set out in Secrets Discovered, with Lloyd and Zane boarding Lloyd's new Destiny's Shadow vehicle after learning that Wu is rapidly aging due to his battle with Acronix. Accompanied by Jay and Cole on other vehicles, they make their way to the museum and discover a secret lab of Krux's with an entrance leading out into the city sewer system. Making their way through, they run into a group of Serpentine led by Skales and Skales Jr., who inform them that the Vermillion are the offspring of The Great Devourerand then pointing them in the direction of the swamp where the creatures are incubated. Reunited briefly with Kai and Nya in Pause and Effect, the team separates again for various missions, with Lloyd going after the captured Wu. Despite his best efforts, he is unable to retrieve him from the care of Commander Blunck and Commander Raggmunk.

In Out of the Fire and Into the Boiling Sea, Lloyd links up with the others-minus Kai and Nya-and rescues various citizens of Ninjago captured for slave labor by the Vermillion, and then head back into the swamp to rescue Cyrus Borg. Then then learn that the Time Twins have created the Iron Doom, a monstrous vehicle designed by Kai's father Ray, equipped with a time travel mechanism created by Borg under duress, and which requires the power of all four Time Blades to travel through time. Together with the new Samurai X, the four Ninja attempt to hold of the Vermillion and give Borg and Zane the chance to activate a self-destruct feature he built into his device, but fail to stop the Time Twins. The actions of the villains briefly cause Ninjago's history to be altered, but Kai, Nya, and a restored Wu's actions in the past restore the timeline. Kai and Nya are then returned to the present with the Reversal Time Blade while Wu is lost in time with his foes, prompting the Ninja to recognize Lloyd as their new leader and set their sights on finding Wu.

Sons of Garmadon

In "The Mask of Deception" Lloyd appears at Borg Tower to stop a group of thieves who are stealing an ancient mask. After handily defeating most of the group, he pursues their leader but fails to capture him. After seeing the thief escaping with a parachute decorated with the image of Lord Garmadon, Lloyd asks P.I.X.A.L. to contact the other Ninja so that the team can reunite. The group are soon reunited and contacted by the Royal Family of Ninjago, with Princess Harumi quickly catching Lloyd's eye. As the Ninja are patrolling the Royal Palace, Lloyd finds Harumi's room empty and the princess missing.

In "The Jade Princess", Lloyd pursues what he believes is a thief or kidnapper but turns out to be Princess Harumi herself, going out to help some of the less fortunate in Ninjago City. The two spend time together, sharing thoughts and observing the cruelty of the Sons of Garmadon before being found by Hutchins, who orders Lloyd to stay away from the princess. His sentiment is shared by her adopted parents, while the other Ninja encourage Lloyd in his interest. When the palace is attacked by the Sons of Garmadon, Lloyd escapes with Harumi and the Oni Mask of Deception, but ends up losing the latter to Ultra Violet.

In "The Oni and the Dragon", the Ninja welcome Harumi aboard the Destiny's Bounty 3.0 before heading to see Mystake to get her help. While Cole and Zane depart with her Truth Tea to interrogate Luke Cunningham, Lloyd remains behind with Jay to question the old woman. Mystake shares with Lloyd the story of the First Realm, home of the Dragons and Oni and birthplace of the First Spinjitzu Master. She then reveals that the three Oni masks, if brought together, will be able to bring back his father Garmadon, but in a darkened form with none of his former goodness. Lloyd then joins the other Ninja in going after the Sons of Garmadon, but at Zane's urging they allow the villains to escape in order to find out what they're planning.

Harumi is eventually revealed to be the leader of the Sons of Garmadon, embittered against the Ninja and Lloyd in particular due to the Great Devourer's role in the deaths of her birth parents. The evil Garmadon is eventually summoned, and after defeating Lloyd proclaims himself Emperor Garmadon, ruling over Ninjago City with an iron fist and his mighty Colossi.


In season nine Lloyd is part of a resistance force against Emperor Garmadon and his minions while Wu and the original four ninja are trapped in the First Realm. Their return enables Lloyd and his fellows to defeat Garmadon and liberate Ninjago. However, Garmadon warns of a coming menace that will destroy Ninjago.

March of the Oni

In "The Darkness Comes", Lloyd is summoned to Kryptarium Prison by Garmadon, who repeats his warning of an approaching evil and urges Lloyd to release him. Lloyd refuses, but as he leaves Garmadon is confident he will return. Garmadon proves prophetic, as the Firstbourne and Faith appear from the First Realm just prior to the Oni invading Ninjago City. After narrowly saving several civilians and Cole from the encroaching darkness, Lloyd leads the other Ninjag back to Kryptarium and releases Garmadon.

In "Into the Breach", Lloyd is forced to confront his father's incomplete memories and arrogant bearing. When Garmadon insists that the Oni can be stopped only by destroying the Realm Crystal, Lloyd insists on accompanying him despite Garmadon's doubts that he can survive the dark cloud. The two enter Ninjago City and Lloyd proves able to breath, though he is distraught to find the populace petrified including Cyrus Borg. The two then engage a pair of Oni in battle, during which Garmadon saves Lloyd but frustrates him with his unfeeling attitude. Upon reaching the Realm Crystal, the pair are confronted by the Omega, leader of the Oni.

In "The Fall", Lloyd succeeds in shattering the Realm Crystal with the Sword of Sanctuary, but the Oni have already opened their portal and can't be stopped. As the two are pursued by Oni, the find the armor of the Golden Master, which repels the monsters. The two are then saved by P.I.X.A.L. and brought back aboard the Bounty, only to learn that Cole has apparently been lost.

In "Endings", the Ninja return to the Monastery of Spinjitzu, where Kai melts down the Golden Armor and reforges the Golden Weapons. Entrusting the rescued people of Ninjago to his mother Misako, Lloyd joins the other Ninja, Garmadon, Wu, and Faith in facing the Oni army. They are joined by Cole, who proves to be alive, but are forced back by the Oni. Lloyd is inspired to perform the Tornado of Creation, and the six Ninja, Wu, and Garmadon employ it. Lloyd then finds himself in the presence of the First Spinjitzu Master, who honors his actions and offers him the chance to join him. Lloyd chooses to return to Ninjago instead, to the joy of his friends who believed him dead; he then joins his fellow Ninja in commemorating their victory in the monastery mural.

Secrets of Forbidden Spinjitzu


Prime Empire


Dimensions Crisis

Elements of Surprise

Lloyd, along with the Ninja (except Zane) & Sensei Wu, were seen looking at Griffin Turner after Master Chen called him up to battle against Batman, Wyldstyle & Gandalf.


  1. Acrobat
  2. Beam Deflect
  3. Illumination
  4. Photo Mode
  5. Spinjitzu
  6. Stealth