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Link is one of the Blind Bag characters in LEGO Dimensions 2: The Rise of Enoch, from the Legend of Zelda franchise.


Link (リンク Rinku?) is the main protagonist of the Legend of Zelda series. He is the everlasting hero of the setting, having appeared throughout the ages in a never-ending line of incarnations. The various heroes who use the name Link are courageous young boys or teenagers, often in green clothing, who leave their homes to save the world from evil forces threatening it.

Over the course of his adventure, Link defeats legions of evil monsters, explores vast lands, helps anyone he meets who is struggling, navigates deadly dungeons, and collects mythical items while pursuing his quest for justice and peace. In the end, he succeeds in his quest and becomes a legendary hero. He is considered an iconic character in video gaming and the very symbol of the Zelda franchise, and remains one of the most popular video game protagonists.

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  1. Acrobat
  2. Advanced Swimming (Zora Tunic)
  3. Beam Deflect (Mirror Shield)
  4. Boomerang
  5. Character Change (Young Link, Toon Link)
  6. Ending Blow
  7. Fire Protection (Goron Tunic)
  8. Glide
  9. Goon Command (Keeta's Mask)
  10. Grapple (Hookshot)
  11. Heat Bolts (Fire Arrow)
  12. Ice Bolts (Ice Arrow)
  13. Illumination (Lantern)
  14. Instrument Mode
    1. Bolero of Fire (Melt Ice)
    2. Elegy of Emptiness (Weight Switch)
    3. Epona's Song
    4. Goron Lullaby
    5. Minuet of Forest
    6. New Wave Bossa Nova
    7. Nocturne of Shadow
    8. Oath to Order
    9. Prelude of Light
    10. Requiem of Spirit
    11. Saria's Song
    12. Sonata of Awakening
    13. Song of Healing (Heart Regeneration)
    14. Song of Soaring
    15. Song of Storms (Electricity, Growth, Hazard Cleaner)
    16. Song of Time (Time Travel)
      1. Inverted Song of Time
      2. Song of Double Time
    17. Sun's Song
    18. Zelda's Lullaby
  15. Intelligence
  16. Photo Mode
  17. Shield Mode
  18. Smash Walls (Megaton Hammer)
  19. Stealth (Stone Mask)
  20. Super Strength (Golden Gauntlets)
    1. Super Strength Handles (Golden Gauntlets)
  21. Sword Switch
  22. Target (Bow)
  23. Transform (Wolf Link)
    1. Dig
    2. Tracking
  24. Underwater Swimming (Zora Tunic with Iron Boots)
  25. Vine Cut


  • A few characters, mostly the females, have reaction lines to him as they seem to be somewhat attracted to him. Male characters also have reaction lines to him.
    • Wonder Woman asks if she was so beautiful that he's left with no words, referencing Midna's quote from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. This is due to the fact that Link is mute in the Legend of Zelda series.
    • Shadow Queen flirts with him and offers him to rule both the Legend of Zelda and the Super Mario Worlds as king and queen and make him hers for an eternity.
    • Poison Ivy asks Link if he has a Master Sword in his sheath, or if he's just happy to see her.
    • Lord Voldemort's reaction line to Link is a quote said to a deceased Cedric Diggory in the 2005 film Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. This line is also a reaction line to Cedric in the game.
  • Link, along with Chell, are two of the video game characters that are mute in the game.