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Link Minifig.png
Character Information
Name Realm
Gender Male
Franchise The Legend of Zelda
Weapons/Accessories Magical Sword & Magical Shield
Occupation Hero

Link - the Hero of Hyrule, nicknamed Realm - is a Legend of Zelda character in LEGO Voidhoppers, appearing alongside Dusk in the Legend of Zelda Story Pack.


Link started on his adventure to re-assemble the shattered Triforce of Wisdom and save Princess Zelda at the behest of Impa, Zelda's handmaiden. It took Link two years to find what he needed, wandering around Hyrule, simply because he has the worst sense of direction in the Universe. When Ganon was removed from reality, Link stumbled upon the black hole Ganon left behind, and scared the confused and disoriented monsters away, staying to examine the hole instead of finding his shield (which he'd lost along the way). The Dimensional Links came out of the hole, and Link joined them.


The Mandala: Hyrule (The Legend of Zelda World)


  • Super Strength
  • Access Hatches
  • Slurp Access
  • Portals
  • Apparition
  • Portal Gun - It should be noted that Realm doesn't actually use a portal gun. He just walks through the solid rock no matter if there's a portal or not.
  • Shift Keystone - If Realm walks into a zone with Shift portals, he'll automatically warp to whichever one corresponds with his Toy Pad panel.
  • Weapon Switch
    • Magical Sword & Magical Shield
      • Sword Switches
      • Laser Deflector
    • Boomerang
      • Boomerang Switches
    • Bow
      • Precision
    • Bombs
      • Silver LEGO
    • Hammer
      • Cracked LEGO
    • Magical Rod
      • Magic
    • Candle
      • Ice Melting
      • Gold LEGO
      • Illumination


Realm is voiced using existing quotes from Dimensional Links.


  • Realm gets lost. A lot.
  • He frequently loses his sword and shield, only for them to turn up in the most unexpected places.
  • His misdirectional field defies logic, allowing him to basically warp space around him and reach places that are impossible for him to reach. Of course, he doesn't realize that he can't reach them. This is represented in-game by all of Realm's teleporting abilities.