Character Information
Name Likuta
Gender Male
Franchise BIOMECHA
Weapons/Accessories Scepter of Shade
Occupation Villain
Residence Likuta's Power Plant
Likuta is the main antagonist of BIOMECHA.


After the skirmish against Bombeim, which ended in the behemoth's decapitation, Paisenuef's curiosity indirectly led him to awakening Likuta with the Talisman. This resulted in Know's death and Likuta to attempt to murder the rest of the BIOMECHA. Likuta used the Scepter of Shade in order to create minions, such as:

  • Rackrain: A skeletal pterodactyl who killed everyone in the Thank-Heart tribe (besides Paisenuef and Mahoganer, as they were sailing to Milk-Get). It later attacked the cathedral on Milk-Get, but was sliced up in a weathervane).
  • Anguis: A snake with a vast half-mutilated human head which attacked the gang at Desilaugh, and had Know's body attached to it's naga. It had an eye destroyed like Bombeim, and was killed by getting torn up in gears.
  • Iron Beasts: Military-themed mechanoids who had one eye, Stahlhelms, and Gatling Guns for mouths. In addition, they can shoot dangerous gas bombs. 98.91% of the BIOMECHA on the planet were killed by these. In addition, a large storage of unused ones are depicted in Likuta's Power Plant.
  • Spidertmatons: Mechanical spiders.
  • Seekers: Croissant shaped flying monsters with eyestalks.

Likuta's mission was to kill all the BIOMECHA, and succeeded with all but four of them.


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