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"Step aside. The real boss has arrived!"
- Lex Luthor's first line when entering the game.
"I won't rest until the world sees things for what they really are!"
- Lex Luthor's second line when entering the game.
"Time to test out my new upgrades..."
- Lex Luthor's third line when entering the game.

Lex Luthor is a playable character in LEGO Dimensions: The Multiverse Curse, from the DC Comics franchise.


When Lex Luthor was a child, he lived in Smallville with his abusive father. However, he murdered his father and escaped from Smallville. He then went to Metropolis, where he founded founded LexCorp Industries, becoming a billionaire. However, after the rise of Superman, Lex Luthor became an enemy of the Man of Steel. Lex is cunning and has superhuman intelligence, which he uses in his struggle against Superman. Like Batman, he uses his company and his wealth to produce the equipment he needs. He also often uses Kryptonite weapons, as he is obsessed with killing Superman, proving the Man of Steel is evil and make himself ruler. Lex Luthor is a billionaire, the founder and owner of LexCorp Industries, and a philantrophist on the outside, but is also secretly a power-hungry arch-enemy of Metropolis' protector, Superman.


  • Drone Maze (Lex Drone)
  • Explosives
  • Glide
  • Technology
  • X-Ray Vision


"All out of kryptonite... I'll be right back."

- Lex Luthor's first line when leaving the game.

"My suit needs a tune up. Gotta go!"

- Lex Luthor's second line when leaving the game.

"There's a situation back at LexCorp I must tend to."

- Lex Luthor's third line when leaving the game.

"This obstacle is no match for my superior intellect!"

- Lex Luthor when about to solve a puzzle.

"Someone else do this for me."

- Lex Luthor when unable to solve a puzzle.

"Hmm... I've found something... and it doesn't even require an import license."

- Lex Luthor when obtaining a collectable.

"So what's it going to be, hero? Do we work together or do I have to save the world, in spite of you?"

- Lex Luthor when seeing a DC or Marvel superhero (except Batman, Iron Man or Superman).

"What do you think of my suit, Stark? It's like yours, only better."

- Lex Luthor when seeing Iron Man.

"Don't think your unbreakable toys will be able to stop me this time."

- Lex Luthor when seeing Batman.

"You again! Why must you always ruin my plans?"

- Lex Luthor when seeing Superman.

"Try not to mess this up, clown."

- Lex Luthor when seeing the Joker.

"Catwoman, you're with me. Can't be too safe in this town. Too many criminals."

- Lex Luthor when seeing Catwoman.

"Children should be seen, not heard."

- Lex Luthor when seeing Robin or Pico.

"Your portal technology is rather quant, wouldn't you say?"

- Lex Luthor when seeing Chell.

"All brawn, no brains."

- Lex Luthor when seeing a big character or riding a mech.