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Larry Revere
Larry Revere.png
Character Information
Name Larry Revere
Gender Male
Franchise Finn Army
Occupation Private
Revere. Larry Revere.
— Revere's first line when entering the game
And then a tornado gets me here. Why is everything weird?
— Revere's second line when entering the game
I was in the middle of causing apocalyptic arson!
— Revere's third line when entering the game

Larry Revere is a Finn Army character in LEGO Dimensions.


  • Super Strength
  • Stealth
  • Flight
  • Laser
  • Bronze LEGO Blowup


But I was nearly having fun!
— Revere's first line when leaving
Into that swirly whirling spiny thing!
— Revere's second line when leaving
Ogres are like onians.
— Revere's third line when leaving
— Revere when left idle
What the purgatory is a potato knish? Is it like a tater?
— Revere talking to Zooker
Salutations, Finn.
— Talking to Davis Finlay
— Talking to Revere
I am Edwin! Edwin Edwin Edwin!
— Talking to Edwin
It is Storbert! He is up to his cliche act of stealing the eternal ball!
— Talking to Storbert
Attention, Storbert has used a Growth Gun on this being!
— Seeing a Big Fig or riding a mech

Title Animation

  • Revere eats a fudge sundae and runs away after being scared by the other people, eating the sundae while running.

Idle Animations

  • Revere tries to open a pomegranate but gives up.
  • Revere drinks a mug of coffee.

Entrance/Exit Animations

  • Revere flies through the portal while holding a wall and smashes it.
  • Revere punches the floor, but the portal appears under him and sucks him in.

Finishing Moves

  • Revere gets a boulder and smashes it on the back of the enemy, killing it.
  • Revere shoots the enemy's torso off, their limbs to fall to the ground.


  • He is portrayed by Matt Bomer.
    • Bomer also portrays Hannibal the Dye Seller in Upland.