Lawrence "Larry" Daley
Larry Daley
Character Information
Name Lawrence "Larry" Daley
Gender Male
Franchise Night at the Museum
Weapons/Accessories Flashlight
Vehicles and/or Gadgets Magic Tablet
Occupation Night Guard (formally)
Teacher (currently)
Residence New York (Brooklyn)
My name is Larry Daley, Natural History night guard, at your service.
— Larry's line when entering the game
Whoa! Tell me I didn't go through a painting.
— Larry's second line when entering the game
How can I help?
— Larry's third line when entering the game

Larry Daley is one of the Story Pack characters of LEGO Dimensions. He appears in the Night at the Museum Story Pack, for the Night at the Museum franchise.


  • Illumination (Uses Flashlight)
  • Character Changing (Changes to Laaa)
  • Grapple (Uses Key Strap)


Night at the Museum: Museum of Natural History


You know, I solved a mystery with exhibits that come to life at night. And no, they're not guys wearing costumes and masks.
— Larry to Shaggy
Abby, I swear, they're not possessed by ghosts, honest!
— Larry to Abby Yates


  • In the films, he was portrayed by Ben Stiller. In the game, he is voiced by Wally Wingert.
  • After finishing all six levels of the Story Pack, he can changes to Laaa.
  • His toy tag has his badge on the front and flashlight in the back.
  • Ben Stiller's role as Alex the Lion in the Madagascar franchise was referenced twice in this game. Wally Wingert previously voiced him in other media at the time.
    • His interaction with Wicked Witch has him mention a talking lion (which is Cowardly Lion), to which he finds unbelievable.
    • When Larry rides the Mighty Lion Rider, he says it makes him feel like a king; referencing Alex's role as the King of New York City back in the Central Park Zoo.
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