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Lara Featherstone
Lara Featherstone.png
Character Information
Name Lara Featherstone
Gender Female
Franchise Preacher
Weapons/Accessories Pistol
Vehicles and/or Gadgets 'The Grail' Mini Car
Occupation Grail Operative
Residence Masada

Lara Featherstone is one of the Team Pack Characters in LEGO Dimensions, from the Preacher franchise.


Lara Featherstone is one of the Grail's best operatives. Prior to joining the Grail, Featherstone was a waitress, substitute teacher, dealt weed to her students, slept with cops, and a drug addict. She then met Klaus Starr and fell for his strength and humorless cruelty. She then joined the Grail and became of its most devoted operatives.

After gaining intel on Jesse Custer' power, Featherstone and a few other operatives went to New Orleans to confirm their intel. While spying on Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy, she befriended Tulip as Jenny. Along the way, she was recruited by Herr Starr to join his coup. Featherstone later killed Tulip, who was later brought back to life. Featherstone, Hoover, and Herr Starr continued to pursue Jesse and leverage him becoming the new messiah. But after Jesse humiliated Starr for the last time, Featherstone, Starr and Hoover kidnap Cassidy and bring him to Masada to be tortured.

While holding Cassidy captive, Featherstone awaits to kill Tulip for good, while dealing with Hoover's replacement, Hoover Two, who she immediately dislikes. Featherstone's obsession with killing Tulip allows Cassidy and the archangel to slip away and she's willing to die for her failures. But when Hoover Two was assigned to kill her, Featherstone fleed. She later goes undercover as a barista and kills Hoover Two, who was an undercover Pensacola Police officer. Featherstone and a few Grail operatives later track Starr down and save him from the Chunt brothers.

After they recover Humperdoo from Cassidy and Tulip, the apocalypse revue began. Featherstone was ready to die, but after a brief intercourse with Starr, she learned that Starr himself was a non-believer who planned to only annihilate half of the population. After confronting Tulip, she decides to kill Starr. However, Starr distracts her by claiming he planned for the two to live under the sea for the remainder of their lives. While Featherstone no longer was attracted to Starr, before she could raise her gun once again, Featherstone was shot in the head.


  • Detective Mode
  • Security Access
  • Target
  • Lock Picking
  • Flying


Sorry sir, but my name, is Featherstone!
— Lara Featherstone when seeing Klaus Starr
I love the new hat, sir. Very Cabaret!
— Lara Featherstone when seeing Klaus Starr
I'm not Tulip O'Hare! She is!
— Lara Featherstone when seeing The Saint of Killers


Idle Animations

  • Playing around with her gun
  • Watching with her binoculars
  • Open her wingsuit