Lady Catherine
Lady Catherine
Character Information
Name Lady Catherine
Gender Female
Franchise WWIII
Weapons/Accessories Gun
Occupation Commander
Residence Caribbean Isles
Anybody need me?
— Lady Catherine's first line when entering the game
Lady Catherine April Sibir, at your service.
— Lady Catherine's second line when entering the game
This place definitely is not the Caribbean
— Lady Catherine's third line when entering the game
Lady Catherine is a WWIII character in LEGO Dimensions.


Hoping that the instructions can save her people and restore freedom, Lady Catherine Wilhelm, a janitor in custody of the stolen instructions races home in a cargo ship. However, the ship is pursued by a warship. Wilhelm escapes onto an airlifter, which turns out to also have been damaged and entered by Shock Soldiers, and she is incapacitated by one with a prod. After discovering Catherine's letter, Shish persuades him to come with him to the Caribbean. While connected to the Morum Network on the Orbitron, R discovers Wilhelm is aboard the station. Bill's plan works flawlessly in that they are fast in subduing the officers and guards in the damsel's cellblock. Unfortunately, nobody thought to plan for their escape, and Catherine takes charge, blasting a pit in a grate and jumping through while Anthony and Bill hold off a troop of Shock Soldiers. Chuks, Bill and Anthony all dive after the mistress into the unknown. The only remaining ships (those of Bill and Anthony) return to Tikal and a victory celebration commences, complete with medals for the heroes, Anthony Took and Bill Gunther, presented by Catherine Wilhelm.


  • Target


  • She is portrayed by Laine MacNeil, who reprises her role in the game.
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