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LEGO Mindstorms is a franchise in LEGO Dimensions, and a sub-franchise of LEGO Technic.


Customs by MegaFandroidFan9001

LEGO Mindstorms EV3RSTORM and NXT Team Pack

    • 9V Express Train
      • 9V Cloud Heart
      • 9V Ultrasound Radio Wagon
  • NXT

Adventure World

Customs by MegaFandroidFan9001 (under construction)

  • NOGO Factory
    • Education Area 2.0
    • EV3 Development Room
    • NXT Development Room
    • Control Room
    • Floor 76 (R (18) + E (5) + T (20) + R (18) + O (15). Does that ring a bell?)
      • LEGO Studios
      • Recorder Garage

Health Bar

Customs by MegaFandroidFan9001

LEGO Mindstorms Health Bar.png

Frame: A Circular Metalized frame with green screen inside, like the NXT and EV3s.

Hearts: Lit up 2x3 Light Bricks, but the light is turned off and the end stop axle button is removed and shown in front when damaged.

Battle Mode

Customs by MegaFandroidFan9001

  • Battle Arena: NOGO Factory Rooftop
  • Race Track: 9V Train Tracks


Customs by MegaFandroidFan9001

  • About EV3 (EV3RSTORM's Showcase Theme)
  • NOGO Factory (NXT's Theme and Adventure World Theme)
  •  ?? (Battle Mode)