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LEGO Megaverse: Ultimate is a concept game designed around the concept of every single page on this wiki being in one single game, nevermind the fact that it would probably take up a couple petabytes of data.

In three words?


Title Theme

The game includes all content on this wiki, so just type something into the search bar to get started.

But if you need prompting?

LEGO Voidhoppers

LEGO Dimensions: Quantum Havoc

LEGO Dimensions 2: The Cosmic Citadel

Game Modes

  • Story Mode: Experience the LEGO game of a lifetime!
  • Battle Mode: Battle your friends in a 4-player arena match!
    • Arenas:
      • TBA
  • Brawl Mode: Settle it... in SMASH!
    • Stages:
      • Dlab Town
      • Orbitron
      • Darkstalker's Tower
      • Steelvale
      • The Tower of London
      • Beacon Academy
      • Outset Island
      • Hyrule Castle Throne Room
      • The Temple of Transcendence
      • Article 13
      • Oil Fields
      • The Chamber of Secrets
      • The TARDIS
      • S S Coronado
    • Character Movesets:


Vehicles are omitted to save space and time, so this will be only characters. Of important note that duplicates of characters appearing in different places around the wiki will be able to switch out with their other variants.

LD: Quantum Havoc- Main Set Characters
AnthonyM Strongarm Techo Blurri Shadus Waitress Penny
Zarrus Cybern Hekama Crystallon Zakonu Lady Elementia
RealGameTime King Phantom Crash Bandicoot Spyro Shovel Knight Plague Knight
Specter Knight King Knight Oleander Lord Vortech Steven Universe Pearl
Amethyst Garnet Peridot Clay Macy Lance
Aaron Axl Frisk Sans Papyrus - - Do not mind the empty space... - -
LD: Quantum Havoc- Alternate Characters
Antoni Emma Kid Color Sunstorm Twillo Dreamkeeper Miss Techna
Hartschia Pyre Aqua Nuage Terra Elettrico
Na'tur Glacies Poi'xa Novae Arizona Velvet
Tianhuo Paprika Pom - - Empty Space - -
LD: Quantum Havoc- Console Exclusives
Banjo & Kazooie Gruntilda Jago Fulgore Cuphead / Mugman / Ms. Chalice
Cole MacGrath (Split Karmas) Delsin Rowe (Split Karmas) Sly Cooper / Bentley / Murray
Samus Aran (Varia / Zero Suits) Inkling (Boy / Girl) Spring Man + ARMS League
LEGO Voidhoppers characters
Torrent Simon Lancaster Moonwatcher Tsunami
Sunny Richard Faraday Laura Harris Jack Grayson
Cogs Dark Jack Jovis James
Capt. Darian Frey Grayther Crake Alabaster Dresden Derek Stewart
Spyro Percy Jackson Dusk Ocarina
Mask Genesis Speck Green
Red Blue Vio The Four
Lore Realm Wind Steam
Sketch Link, the Hero of the Wild Indiana Jones Qibli
Winter Turtle Kinkajou The Hero
Yang Xiao Long Ruby Rose Weiss Schnee Blake Belladonna
Rick O'Connell Nick Morton Arthur Pendragon Galavant
Poland Germany America Meme Man
Orang Ron Weasley The Twelfth Doctor (SmithMoviesInk) The Twelfth Doctor (BenTheCreator)
The Doctor (UnreasonableSanity) Ceruleus Shadow The Wanderer
All Minions are playable! Simon Belmont Richter Belmont Trevor Belmont
Jotaro Kujo Dio Brando Josuke Higashikata Joseph Joestar
Jonathan Joestar Giorno Giovanna Robert EO Speedwagon Baron William A. Zeppeli
Caesar Zeppeli Lisa Lisa Rudolph von Stroheim Kars
Noriaki Kakyoin Mohammed Abdul Jean-Pierre Polnareff Iggy
Koichi Hirose Kishibe Rohan Okuyasu Nijimura Yoshikage Kira
Bruno Bucciarati Guido Mista Pannacotta Fugo Leone Abbacchio
Narancia Ghirga
Shade's Characters
Doctor Strange Iron Man Spider-Man Star-Lord
Gamora Drax Mantis Vision
Scarlet Witch Captain America White Wolf Black Panther
Black Widow War Machine/Iron Patriot Thor Groot
Rocket Raccoon The Hulk Okoye Nebula
Falcon White Canary Firestorm The Atom
Heatwave Steel Vixen Captain Cold
Monika Sayori Natsuki Yuri
Dipper Pines Mabel Pines Bill Cipher J.D.
Emma Swan Killian Jones Rick Sanchez Morty Smith
Eleven Mike Will Lucas
Dustin Max The Flash Kid Flash
Vibe Savitar Caitlin Snow Link
Zelda Ganondorf Frisk Sans
Mettaton EX Muffet
LEGO 1001 Spears Vega Characters
Davis Finlay Larry Revere Doctor Roberto Storbert
Samuel Edwin Colby Irani Commander Qakork Darius Quintan
King Toeokx Nolan Croyle Uorrag Vincent th' Black
Commodore Thomas Patrick Cutlass Mayor Sanford King Askuwheteau
Sensei Tsurayaki Suzy Slasher Camilla Sanford King B'rge
Bullrock the Baleful Autocrat Dwarf Queen B'rge King Hogarth
Beck Graves Arnold B'rge Bale the Ballistic Bertram Cecil
Clarence Clive James Johnny Bob Mike Bill Davy
Dick Charlie Scooby Dooby Hickey York Cali
Psycho Lucas Abraham Macedon Creep
Cad Corrin Dillon Guidesworth Urist the Demolition Man
Andre Arms Dealer Nort the Gremlin Blacksmith Ulnervous Food Fighter
Pibbys Helicopter Bosky Leader Fish Dish
Firearmer Wyrm Trollsplosion Plant Cant
Chop Up Pyroclast Orodrostick Tiki Trouble
Kill Instructor Dragolem Eruption Fire Sling
Soul Sucker John Wicca Ignition Thunderbolt
Prismer Hulk Bulk Supersonic Wood Elf
Tree Tarianism Sol Ridley Voodoodoo
Wartex Crust Ocean Breeze Knees Bouncy Boulder
Electro Cute Recoilless Peter Pan Doctor Alien
Sniper Underminer Mutant Medic
Paiseneuf Know Kanohi and Hafu Mahoganer
Dig Flappin Squidley Vaksa
Ona Firmra Nokon Elder
Bill Gunther Lady Catherine Master Benjamin Anthony Took

Searingjet's Characters

Sir Daniel Fortesque
Simon Belmont
Richter Belmont
Jotaro Kujo
Dio Brando
Joseph Joestar 
Joseph Joestar (Battle Tendency)
CutiePenguin2's Characters
LEGO Universes- Main Set Characters
Green Lantern Deadpool The Flash Custom Character Doctor Strange Sherlock
Indiana Jones Fred Missy Tails
LEGO Universes- Alternate Characters
Hal Jordan Deadpool (Weapon XI) Barry Allen Flash (TV Show Suit) Wong
LEGO Universes Deluxe- Main Set Characters
Thor Iron Man Nomad Black Widow Spider-Man Bruce Banner
Star-Lord Gamora Nebula Loki Black Panther Ant-Man
Wasp Vibe Martian Manhunter White Canary Captain Cold Wiccan
Hawkeye (Kate Bishop) Stature Patriot Hulkling Speed Prodigy
America Chavez Noh-Varr Kang the Conqueror Galactus Ultron Ms. Marvel
Moon Knight Mister Fantastic The Thing Invisible Woman Human Torch Professor X
Magneto Jubilee Wolverine Cyclops Rogue Gambit
Storm Doctor Doom Green Goblin Doctor Octopus Aleksei Sytsevich Kraven the Hunter
Electro Vulture CutiePenguin
LEGO Universes Deluxe- Alternate Characters
Tony Stark War Machine Jim Rhodes Falcon Winter Soldier Hawkeye
Vision Scarlet Witch Rocket Raccoon Drax Mantis Yondu
Hulk Shuri Scott Lang Hope Van Dyne John Jones Atom
Heatwave Firestorm Jefferson Jackson Martin Stein Vixen Stinger
Kid Loki Vision (Jonas) Iron Lad Asgardian All New Wiccan Hydra Supreme
Mister Knight Norman Osborn Rhino


  • LEGO Megaverse: Ultimate is the first appearance of Ceruleus outside of an XBox 360 game.
  • LMV:U will be released on the Nintendo Switch, XBox One, and Playstation 4.
  • It's important to note that Dusk, Ocarina, Mask, Genesis, Speck, Green, Red, Blue, Vio, The Four, Lore, Realm, Wind, Steam, Sketch, Shadow, and a nickname-as-yet-undecided Link, the Hero of the Wild are all different versions of Link. As such, they can not only switch out with each other, but with other customs' Links as well.
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