To prevent the amassment of stub articles and empty custom pages, we have set up a few regulations that all custom pages should meet.

Article naming conventions

Custom articles

All custom articles, regardless of nature, must have the user who created the page in its title. The title of any custom article is as follows: {{PAGENAME}} (Username). The article must also represent a real character or object (unless it is part of a custom franchise).

Once a user completes his custom article he can add it to its respective franchise page under the Related Chatacters/Objects section.

Franchise articles

Any user can create a franchise article so long as the franchise is real and not made up by the user. The name of the franchise article should match the canonical name of the franchise it represents. In the case of custom franchises the naming convention is that the user's name must parenthetically follow the article's name.

Minimum article requirements

The bear minimum requirement for any page to remain intact in the Wiki mainspace, is that it should at least have one picture and an infobox (there may be some exceptions) and that it should have at least 1-2 sentences describing the character/object/pack that the article represents.

The user has exactly one hour to meet these minimum requriement following the articles publishment.

Custom franchises

Custom franchise articles must have character and/or vehicle/gadget articles that pertain to its topic. Custom franchise articles must also have at least one image and must be of proper format (as per the general franchise article policy).


The categorization process on this wiki is simple to follow. One guideline users should follow is to categorize their customs with the category Custom by username, where username is replaced by the username of the user who's custom is represented in the respective article.



All articles must include images that are either from official LEGO or made by the user. Customs stolen from external sites is considered plagiarism and will not be tolerated. In the case that users would like to use customs from online or other sources, they must clearly reference the original creator in their article.

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