LEGO Dimensions Customs Community

Welcome to LEGO Dimensions Customs Community, a LEGO Dimensions fanon Wiki about your various ideas for LEGO Dimensions.

The Wiki was founded by Rapmilo on October 6, 2016 and is currently run by Searingjet with the help of other administrators and moderators..

If it isn't already obvious, none of the customs on this wiki are real and never will be.


(Further Information: LEGO Dimensions Customs Community:Guidelines for Creating Pages)

  • All editiors must be 13 years or older.
  • Character, Pack or Vehicle/Gadget pages must have a LEGO Minifigure Custom, LEGO Custom Pack or a LEGO Vehicle or Gadget custom image added within a resonable amount of time. (usually 24 hours, though users sometimes may be provided with extended windows) or the page will be removed.
  • All pages must have the custom's creator's name in parenthesis after the custom's title, unless it is a non-custom franchise.
  • All characters and objects must be asscoiated with a franchise, either a real franchise or a custom franchise.
  • All characters on the pages of real franchises must have officially existed in the franchise in some form, no original characters on those pages (you may create your own franchise for your OCs of existing franchises, however).
  • Do not post inappropriate content on the wiki. Doing so will result in a infinite block from editing.
  • Respect the wiki administrators and moderators.
  • Respect other users and their beliefs. Insulting someone's religion, culture or being racist will result in a block.
  • Respect other user's likes, just because they don't like the same thing as you (or vise versa), doesn't mean you have to be a jerk about it.
  • Don't post on old or answered threads and blogs.
  • Don't add categories to your profile page.
  • Don't promote or advertise your or someone else's Wiki on the LEGO Dimensions Customs Community.
  • Don't add inappropriate content (which includes swears and inappropriate images) to your profile page or any page including discussion threads. This will result in a straightaway block.