LEGO Dimensions 2 is the sequel to LEGO Dimensions. Created by SuperMase9X.



  • A brand new Story Mode that follows from the events of the previous game.
    • The endings of Sonic Dimensions and Aperture Science from the previous game are tied to the new story mode.
  • Toy Pad avaliable for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.
  • All figures from the previous game are compatible.
    • The Twelfth Doctor will still spawn as the Twelfth Doctor, but will regenerate into the Thirteenth Doctor instead of the First Doctor.
  • Some characters will engage in conversation when idle.


Starter Pack

Wave 1

Wave 2

  • DC Comics
    • Fun Pack (Sinestro + Yellow Lantern Construct)
    • Fun Pack (Braniac + Skull Ship)
  • Doctor Who
    • Team Pack (Ryan Sinclair + Graham O'Brien + Ryan's Bike)
    • Fun Pack (Yasmin Khan + Police Car)
  • Dragon Ball Z
    • Level Pack (Goku + Vegeta + Capsule Corp. Ship)
    • Fun Pack (Frieza + Frieza's Pod)
  • Gorillaz
    • Level Pack (Murdoc Niccals + 2D + Stylo Car)
    • Fun Pack (Noodle + Geep)
    • Fun Pack (Russel Hobbs + Red Car)
  • Joker (2019)
    • Fun Pack (Arthur Fleck + GCPD Car)
  • Looney Tunes
    • Team Pack (Bugs Bunny + Daffy Duck + AMC Gremlin)
  • Power Rangers
    • Team Pack (Red Ranger (Jason) + Green Ranger (Tommy) + Red Dragon Thunderzord + Green Dragonzord)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog
    • Fun Pack (Miles "Tails" Prower + Cyclone)
  • Samurai Jack
    • Fun Pack (Samurai Jack + Jack's Motorbike)
  • The Lord of the Rings
    • Team Pack (Frodo Baggins + Samwise Gamgee + ???)
  • The Powerpuff Girls
    • Fun Pack (Mojo Jojo + Mojo's Race Car)
  • Tom and Jerry
    • Level Pack (Tom Cat + Jerry + Tom's Race Car)

Wave 3

  • Austin Powers
    • Fun Pack (Dr. Evil + Dr. Evil's Scooter)
  • Ben 10
    • Fun Pack (Vilgax + Vilgax's Spaceship)
    • Fun Pack (Gwen Tennyson + Rust Bucket)
  • Doctor Who
    • Fun Pack (Davros + Special Weapons Dalek + Skaro Saucer)
  • Dragon Ball Z
    • Fun Pack (Piccolo + Namekian Spaceship)
  • Futurama
    • Fun Pack (Turanga Leela + Planet Express Ship)
  • Garfield
    • Team Pack (Garfield + Odie + Racing Kart)
  • Godzilla
    • Fun Pack (Godzilla + USS Argo)
    • Fun Pack (King Kong + Marlow's Ship)
  • Kung Fu Panda
    • Level Pack (Po Ping + Tigress + Fireworks Cart)
    • Fun Pack (Master Shifu + Training Hall)
  • Minecraft
    • Fun Pack (Steve + Creeper + Minecart)
  • OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes
    • Team Pack (K.O. + Enid + Mr. Gar's Car)
    • Fun Pack (Radicles + Rad's Van)
  • Samurai Jack
    • Fun Pack (Aku + Robot Beetle)
    • Fun Pack (The Scotsman + Bagpipes)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog
    • Team Pack (Doctor Eggman + Metal Sonic + Egg Mobile)
    • Fun Pack (Knuckles the Echidna + ???)
  • SpongeBob SquarePants
    • Fun Pack (Sheldon J. Plankton + Karen)
    • Team Pack (Sandy Cheeks + Eugene Krabs + Boat Mobile)
  • The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance
    • Fun Pack (SkekSil the Chamberlain + Skeksis Carriage)
    • Fun Pack (Mother Aughra + Arathim)
  • The Matrix
    • Level Pack (Neo + Morpheus + Lincoln Continental)
  • Wacky Racers
    • Team Pack (Dick Dastardly + Muttley + Mean Machine)

Wave 4

Wave 5

Wave 6

  • Archie Comics
    • Level Pack (Archie Andrews + Jughead Jones + ???)
    • Team Pack (Betty Cooper + Veronica Lodge + ???)
    • Fun Pack (Reggie Mantle + ???)
  • Chicken Run
    • Level Pack (Ginger + Rocky + The Crate)
  • DC Comics
    • Fun Pack (Darkseid + ???)
    • Fun Pack (Atrocitus + Red Lantern Construct)
  • Kung Fu Panda
    • Team Pack (Tai Lung + General Kai + Spirit Realm Construct)
  • Harry Potter
    • Fun Pack (Neville Longbottom + ???)
  • Home Alone
    • Level Pack (Kevin McCallister + Kenosha Kickers Van)
  • LEGO Friends
    • Team Pack (Mia + Olivia + ???)
    • Fun Pack (Emma + ???)
  • Scooby-Doo!
    • Fun Pack (Fred Jones + ???)
  • Small Soldiers
    • Team Pack (Archer + Major Chip Hazard + Customised RC Car)
  • The Lord of the Rings
    • Fun Pack (Saruman the White + Orc Barge)
    • Fun Pack (Sauron + ???)
  • Wallace & Gromit
    • Team Pack (Wallace + Gromit + The Wrong Trousers)
    • Fun Pack (Feathers McGraw + Model Train)

Wave 7

  • Aquaman
    • Fun Pack (Oceanmaster + ???)
  • Doctor Who
    • Fun Pack (Tim Shaw + Gathering Coils)
    • Team Pack (Captain Jack Harkness + Gwen Cooper + Torchwood Helicopter)
  • Game of Thrones
    • Team Pack (Cersei Lannister + Jaime Lannister + Scorpion)
  • Home Alone
    • Team Pack (Harry + Marv + Wet Bandits Van)
  • Jurassic Park
    • Fun Pack (Alan Grant + Utility Jeep)
  • LEGO Friends
    • Team Pack (Stephanie + Andrea + ???)
  • Power Rangers
    • Fun Pack (Goldar + ???)
  • Scooby-Doo!
    • Team Pack (Daphne Blake + Velma Dinkley + ???)
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
    • Level Pack (Leonardo + Raphael + Shellraiser)
    • Team Pack (Michelangelo + Donatello + ???)
    • Fun Pack (Shredder + Dragon Bike)
  • The Terminator
    • Level Pack (T-800 "Model 101" + Terminator Cycle)
  • Totally Spies
    • Level Pack (Sam + Clover + WHOOP Motorcycle)
    • Fun Pack (Alex + G.L.A.D.I.S.)

Wave 8

Wave 9


Story Levels

A New Story Unfolds

Citizen in Peril:
World: DC Comics, The Lord of the Rings, The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part

Sugar, Spice, and a Recipe for Disaster

Citizen in Peril: Professor Utonium
World: The Powerpuff Girls
Foundation Element: Chemical X

Downtown Ninjago

Citizen in Peril:
World: The LEGO Ninjago Movie
Foundation Element: Ultimate, Ultimate Weapon

Back to the Futurama

Minikit: Planet Express
Citizen in Peril: Amy Wong
World: Futurama
Foundation Element: Doomsday Device

A Sword and a Hard Place

Citizen in Peril: Percival
World: Excalibur
Foundation Element: Excalibur Sword

Foundation of the Daleks

Minikit: Dalek Emperor
Citizen in Peril: Kate Stewart
World: Doctor Who
Foundation Element: Vortex Manipulator

Surviving the First Night

Minikit: Villager House
Citizen in Peril: Alex
World: Minecraft
Foundation Element: Eye of Ender

The Terror of Meowthra

Minikit: Dino Megazord
Citizen in Peril: Pink Ranger (Kimberly)
World: Power Rangers
Foundation Element: Dragon Shield

A Single Piece Was Lost

Minikit: Castle of the Crystal
Citizen in Peril: Hup
World: The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance
Foundation Element: Shard of the Division

Thinking With Portals

Minikit: GLaDOS
Citizen in Peril: Oracle Turret
World: Portal 2
Foundation Element: Portal Gun

Everything is Awesome, Baby

Minikit: Dr. Evil's Submarine
Citizen in Peril: Basil Exposition
World: Austin Powers
Foundation Element: Austin's Mojo

Plan Zedd

Minikit: Krusty Krab
Citizen in Peril: Mrs. Puff
World: SpongeBob SquarePants
Foundation Element: Secret Formula

It's Hero Time

Citizen in Peril: Grandpa Max
World: Ben 10
Foundation Element: Omnitrix

Kung Fu Jojo

Minikit: Jade Palace
Citizen in Peril: Mr. Ping
World: Kung Fu Panda
Foundation Element: Dragon Scroll

Sonic Spinball

Minikit: Egg Dragoon
Citizen in Peril: Cream the Rabbit
World: Sonic the Hedgehog
Foundation Element: Master Emerald

Green With Envy

Minikit: Parallax
Citizen in Peril:
World: DC Comics
Foundation Element: Green Lantern Power Battery

13 Ghosts and Where to Find Them

Citizen in Peril: Vincent Van Ghoul
World: Scooby-Doo!
Foundation Element: Chest of Demons

Battle Planet Namek

Minikit: Shenron
Citizen in Peril: Krillin
World: Dragon Ball Z
Foundation Element: Dragon Radar

Desolation of Plankton

Citizen in Peril: Thorin Oakenshield
World: The Hobbit
Foundation Element: Arkenstone

Back to the Past?

Minikit: Robo-Samurai
Citizen in Peril: The Guardian
World: Samurai Jack
Foundation Element: Jack's Sword


Minikit: Undar of the Dryar System
Citizen in Peril: Ice Cream Cone
World: The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part
Foundation Element: Queen Watevra's Crown

Destruction Construction

Citizen in Peril:
World: Various, OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes (Minikit)

One to Rule Them All

Minikit: Windmill
Citizen in Peril:
World: LEGO Dimensions, Gorillaz (Minikit)

Putting the Plan Together

Citizen in Peril:
World: Various, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (Minikit)

Final Showdown

Minikit: LEGO Gateway
Citizen in Peril:
World: LEGO Dimensions

Level Packs

Ben 10

  • ???
Citizen in Peril: Azmuth

Doctor Who

  • ???
Citizen in Peril:


  • Bender's Big Score
Citizen in Peril: Scruffy Scruffington

Harry Potter

  • ???
Citizen in Peril: Seamus Finnegan

SpongeBob SquarePants

  • ???
Citizen in Peril: Larry Lobster

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

  • The Crystal Calls
Citizen in Peril: Gurjin

Dragon Ball Z

  • Namek Saga
Minikit: Frieza's Spaceship
Citizen in Peril: Bulma Brief


  • Into The Now Now
Minikit: Pazuzu
Citizen in Peril: Cyborg Noodle

Looney Tunes

  • Back in Action
Citizen in Peril: Porky Pig

Tom & Jerry

  • ???
Citizen in Peril: Toodles

Kung Fu Panda

  • Awesome Adventures With the Furious Five
Minikit: Shen's Cannon
Citizen in Peril: Li Shan

The Matrix

  • Into the Matrix
Citizen in Peril: Trinity

Crash Bandicoot

  • An N. Sane Adventure
Minikit: Oxide's Spaceship
Citizen in Peril: Coco Bandicoot

Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood

  • Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood
Citizen in Peril: Trudi Fraser

War of the Worlds

  • The Earth Under the Martians
Citizen in Peril: The Artilleryman

Only Fools and Horses

  • Miami Twice
Citizen in Peril: Trigger

Archie Comics

  • ???
Citizen in Peril:

Chicken Run

  • The Great Escape
Minikit: Pie Machine
Citizen in Peril: Babs

Home Alone

  • It's My House, I Have to Defend It
Citizen in Peril: Buzz McAllister

Teenage Mutant Ninia Turtles

  • Turtles Forever After
Citizen in Peril:

Totally Spies

  • ???
Citizen in Peril: Britney

The Terminator

  • Judgement Day
Citizen in Peril: John Connor (Child)
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