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LEGO Dimensions 2: Ruined Dimensions is a Toys to Life game and the sequel to the game LEGO Dimensions. It is developed by LEGO, Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment, Disney, and Nintendo and published by TT Games.

Differences From The Original

  1. Unlike the original game, the toys are not required, instead, you buy the characters with studs, and buy the levels (from the Story Packs and Level Packs), Custom Character parts, vehicles, and gadgets with the toys. The toys are also required for the Character Packs.
  2. The Starter Pack is $79.99 rather than 99.99 to make it more affordable.
  3. Disney and Nintendo develop the game as well to allow their properties to be in the game.
  4. The game is rated Teen because of darker moments, like the death of Batman, Wyldstyle, and Gandalf, as well as the subject matter of some franchises.
  5. Characters from franchises are not required to enter adventure worlds.

New Franchises (Year 1)

  • Star Wars
  • Hercules
  • Angry Birds
  • Stranger Things
  • Toy Story
  • Marvel Comics
  • Edward Scissorhands
  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid
  • Awesome Plush Productions
  • Minecraft
  • Minecraft Dungeons
  • SML
  • Five Nights At Freddy’s
  • Undertale
  • ROBLOX Piggy
  • Among Us
  • Super Mario
  • Angry Video Game Nerd
  • PewDiePie
  • Sesame Street

New Franchises (Year 2)

  • Murderbot
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas
  • SMG4
  • Baldi’s Basics in Education And Learning
  • Bendy And The Ink Machine
  • The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part
  • A Christmas Carol
  • Godzilla
  • King Kong
  • Despicable Me
  • James Bond
  • IT
  • Trevor Henderson
  • Team Fortress 2


Starter Pack

  • Rey
  • Hercules
  • Red
  • Custom Character
  • Slingshot

Sets from returning franchises

  • Beetlejuice Level Pack
  • Flash Fun Pack
    • Flash
    • Treadmill
  • Ron Weasly Fun Pack
    • Ron Weasley
    • Crookshanks

Sets from new franchises

Fun Packs

  • Stranger Things Joyce Byers Fun Pack
    • Joyce Byers
    • Hopper’s Car
  • Stranger Things Demogorgon Fun Pack
    • Demogorgon
    • Mind Flayer
  • Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Fun Pack
    • Buzz Lightyear
    • Buzz Lightyear’s Spaceship
  • Marvel Captain America Fun Pack
    • Captain America
    • Cap’s Motorcycle
  • Edward Scissorhands Fun Pack
    • Edward Scissorhands
    • Peg’s Car
  • ROBLOX Noob Fun Pack
    • Noob
    • Noob-A Tron
  • Greg Heffley Fun Pack
    • Greg Heffley
    • Rodrick’s Van
  • Awesome Plush Productions Stitches Fun Pack
    • Stitches
    • Lucy the cat
  • Awesome Plush Productions Quinn Fun Pack
    • Quinn
    • Kiko the cat
  • Minecraft Illager Captain Fun Pack
    • Illager Captain
    • Ravager
  • SML Brooklyn Guy Fun Pack
    • Brooklyn T. Guy
    • Firetruck
  • SML Drawing Jeffy Fun Pack
    • Drawing Jeffy
    • Mayonnaise Jar
  • SML Junior Fun Pack
    • Junior
    • Thomas
  • Sesame Street Fun Pack
    • Elmo
    • Spinning top
  • Sesame Street Cookie Monster Fun Pack
    • Cookie Monster
    • Cookie Car
  • Super Mario Luigi Fun Pack
    • Luigi
    • King Boo

Team Packs

  • Five Nights At Freddy’s Team Pack
    • Freddy Fazbear
      • Bonnie
      • Chica
      • Foxy
      • Golden Freddy
      • Balloon Boy
      • Circus Baby
    • Mangle
    • William Afton
    • Purple Car
  • Awesome Plush Productions Team Pack
    • Jahrfy
    • LEGO Mario
    • Tondra
    • Dra Stack
  • Undertale Team Pack
    • Sans
    • Gaster Blaster
    • Papyrus
    • Annoying Dog
  • ROBLOX Team Pack
    • ROBLOX
    • ROBLOX Jeep
    • Builderman
    • ROBLOX Adminship
  • ROBLOX Piggy Team Pack
    • Piggy
      • Little Brother
      • Mother
      • Father
      • Teacher
      • Beary
      • Zompiggy
      • Clowny
      • Elly
      • Robby
      • Torcher
      • Badgy
    • Player’s Car
    • Mr. P
    • The Infectionator
  • Marvel Team Pack
    • Thor
    • Escape Pod
    • Thanos
    • Thanos’s Ship
  • Among Us Team Pack
  • Minecraft Team Pack
    • Alex
    • Iron Golem
    • Steve
    • Minecart
  • Sesame Street Team Pack
    • Ernie
    • Toy Dinosaur
    • Bert
    • Bertmobile
  • Star Wars Team Pack
    • Kylo Ren
    • Kylo’s Ship
    • C3-PO
    • R2-D2
  • Star Wars The Mandalorian Team Pack
    • The Mandalorian
    • The Razor Crest
    • Grogu
    • Grogu’s Pram

Level Packs

  • Stranger Things Level Pack
    • Eleven
      • Mike
      • Lucas
      • Dustin
      • Max
    • Eggomobile
    • Mike’s Bike
  • Super Mario Level Pack
    • Mario
    • Mario Kart
    • ? Block
  • Toy Story Level Pack
    • Woody
    • R.C. Car
    • Rex
  • Angry Video Game Nerd Level Pack
    • James Rolfe
    • AVGN Van
    • Nintoaster
  • Undertale Level Pack
    • Frisk
    • Soul Collector
    • River Person

Story Packs

  • Awesome Plush Productions Story Pack
  • SML Story Pack
  • Marvel Story Pack
    • Iron Man
    • Hulkbuster
  • PewDiePie Story Pack
    • PewDiePie
    • PewDie’s Chair
  • Minecraft Dungeons Story Pack
    • Hal
    • Piggy Bank

Character Packs

Custom Pack

  • Custom Character


  1. Super Dimensions Bros.
  2. Awesome Havoc Productions
  3. Avengers: Age of Bricks
  4. A Visit To Snowdin
  5. Elmo’s new Adventure
  6. SML Movie: Jeffy’s New Dimension!
  7. LEGO Dimensions - Angry Video Game Nerd
  8. You’ve Got A Foundation Element In Me
  9. Danger Things
  10. Foundation Elements Among Us
  11. Chapter 11: Outpost
  12. Jailbreak!
  13. A mining adventure
  14. The Final Battle



The game starts with a cutscene featuring Emily Brickonson getting abducted by spider-like aliens, and becomes the villainous Queen Destruction. She then travels to Vorton with her army, and executes Batman, Wyldstyle, and Gandalf, after killing her husband.

Rey is fighting Palpatine in the final battle, but Kylo Ren gets pulled into a rift. Confused, Rey tries to fight, but she is overwhelmed by Palpatine’s power, and tries to save Ren.

Hercules is then shown fighting Hades alongside Zeus, but a rift appears and swipes up Zeus, in the same rift, Rey emerges, causing Hercules to hold her with his blade by her neck questioning where his father is. Rey did not know of such thing, so Hercules sets her free. They then fall into a rift as well.

On Piggy Island, Red and Chuck are flying at the pigs at the same time, but a rift appears in front of Chuck. Rey and Hercules emerge and let Red know about the situation. Suddenly, a large rift appears and sucks them all up.

Upon arriving at Vorton, they found the place raided of the keystones, and the portal was half destroyed. Rey stepped into a small blood puddle, then saw Batman’s cowl, Wyldstyle’s scanner, and Gandalf’s staff. They found they needed to place the objects on the portal and did so. A large rift opened up, and several crystals came flying out. They then came together to form a Custom Character, who assisted them on their journey.

Super Dimensions Bros

The three emerged in front of Mario’s house and learned from Yoshi that their world was raided. They found a pipe and jumped into it. Just then, an Impostor jumped out of the pipe and controlled the Piranha Plant inside. They found a diversion by building an Emergency Meeting table and a dead crewmate out of a deceased Jay who appeared through a rift. Whilst the Impostor was distracted, they fed him to the Piranha Plant and it was revealed he was the impostor and zero impostors remain. Bowser battled them mounted on top of his castle, but he got inside, where they got the axe first and defeated him. They jumped into a rift at the end of the castle. Little did they know, Mario’s hat (the foundation element) fell through a rift to the lair of Queen Destruction.

Awesome Havoc Productions

The trio landed inside the house of the Productions family, where they went downstairs and saw the large LEGO Table. Jack Productions came downstairs with his camera to film a video, so they hid under the LEGO Table. Suddenly, Thanos crashed through a wall and started choking Productions, who dropped his camera, revealing it to be a foundation element for Queen Destruction’s foundation gauntlet. They later defeated him by building a makeshift Stormbreaker out of scrap parts from the wrecked basement, but Thanos got away with the camera. The house turned into a collision course by the reality stone to prevent the heroes from escaping.

Avengers: Age Of Bricks

They followed Thanos to Sokovia, where Ultron was already invading. They defeated him by crashing a building onto him, but they still had Loki to deal with, who tried to side with the heroes since the Black Order was torturing him until they gave him the scepter, another foundation element, and the Infinity Gauntlet was one of them. Later, Emperor Palpatine struck Loki with the Sith Lightning through a rift, causing another battle between him and Rey. They later defeat him, but they escape with the foundation elements.

A Visit To Snowdin

The heroes land inside the ruins to find Flowey giving them a warm welcome. They collected the friendliness pellets only to find they are bullets. Toriel saves them and takes them back, but they have to get out. Toriel refuses, but lets them go after Hercules tells them they are saving the Multiverse. Stepping into Snowdin, they meet Queen Destruction, who uses the power from the foundation elements she has so far to battle them. She manages to escape through a rift, but they follow her. To prevent them from stopping her, she tears a huge rift in the underground, causing nearly all the monsters to be killed. The heroes managed to survive, and follow her to the next world.

Elmo’s new Adventure

The heroes land in a street full of happy-go-lucky people and try to warn them about Queen Destruction’s rein. They did not believe them at first, but then some lava as well as dropped items started pouring into the streets and burning people to crisps. Shocked, they ran onto floating platforms and scaled the 123 Sesame Street apartment. After finally reaching the top, where the Redstone Monstrosity followed and stole Cookie Monster out of the window, meaning a cookie was the foundation element. They blew him up, only to find the cookie fall into a rift.

SML Movie: Jeffy’s New Dimension!

Exiting the rift, they land inside the hallway of Marvin Wilfred’s house. They find Jeffy once again refusing to eat his green beans, and he flips the plate. Marvin yells at him and takes away his cat piano. When he finds Rey, Hercules, and Red, he learns that the cat piano is a foundation element and needs to hide it. A rift suddenly appears and Drawing Jeffy appears. He says, “Mayonnaise!” and runs with the cat piano. After defeating him by using the locate keystone to summon Gavin Productions, Marvin thanks them, but gets grabbed by Queen Destruction and gets decapitated by one of her appendages. Jumping into a rift, the heroes pursuit her.

LEGO Dimensions: Angry Video Game Nerd

James Rolfe is doing a review on the E.T. Atari game when they arrive. They tell him that it is a foundation element, causing him to wonder if he should keep the game. Suddenly, a large hole bursts out the ground, and R.O.B emerges from it. James questions this as he thought he killed him, but R.O.B grabs him and pummels him into the ground. After they defeat him, R.O.B’s remains (his arms) escape with the game, prompting the heroes to leave. Inside the dimensional rift, the Demogorgon is seen traveling through and attempts to murder them. They succeeded in defeating him, by sending him hurtling back through the rift, where he is crushed by R.O.B’s remains.

You’ve Got A Foundation Element In Me

A rift appears in Andy’s room, and the heroes land on the bed. Woody welcomes them, but gets alarmed after hearing about the crisis. The toys prepare for battle, but they were no match for Queen Destruction’s mini spiders. Forced to save them, the heroes battle them, but a huge army of Zurgbots join the fight. Zurg lands on the bed and pulls his Ion Blaster and holds Buzz at gunpoint. After Buzz shrugs it off due to being a toy, Zurg tosses him backwards out the window, causing him to shatter. The toys gasp, well as the heroes engage in combat. They defeat him by knocking him out the window by slingshotting Red toward him. The heroes then repair Buzz, so the toys thank them before they leave.

Danger Things

The arrival to Hawkins did not start well, as the heroes fell on a patch of land inside the rift. The Demogorgon, who survived being crushed with a bent claw and some teeth missing, tried to attack the heroes before they were even out of the rift. They defeated him by summoning a horde of creepers from a locate keystone. They landed in the Upside-Down, which nauseated Red because of the smells of dead victims. They eventually found out that the area was populated by Demodogs. After defeating an army of them, they encountered the Mind Flayer. He tried to flay them, but after defeating him, he exploded into a pile of the corpses that formed him, but an Eggo that was in him after Eleven attacked him went into a rift.

Foundation Elements Among Us

The heroes landed in The Skeld, which was where Queen Destruction was collecting all the elements, as they all ended up there. She sent out a heavily beat Impostor, who rather than riding a Piranha Plant, went head-on. However, he was ejected into space. Enraged, Destruction grabbed the airhorn, and all the crewmates started panicking. However, Queen Destruction was temporarily defeated when Rey used the force on her. She then crashed the ship onto Polus, where she won the fight by sending them into a rift.

Chapter 11: Outpost

The heroes, along with parts of a now destroyed Skeld, landed in an outpost by the plant. They found that the area was crawling with soldiers. After defeating them, they were encountered by King Boo and an army of Boos. They later defeated them by using the Locate Keystone to summon Luigi, who used the Poltergust to suck them up. After the diversion, they found the keys and got inside the plant. Mr. P pulled his gun-arm out on them, causing them to have to defeat him. To do so, they needed to find a picture of Mrs. P to calm him down. Once they did, Queen Destruction charged out a rift in rage because Mr. P betrayed her, sending him flying into nuclear waste. After Destruction’s murder of Mr. P, they followed her into a rift, but she sent them into another rift while escaping with the red key.


After their unsuccessful attempt to prevent Queen Destruction from stealing the red key from the Piggy world, they landed in the city of ROBLOX. After attacking a criminal disguised as a police officer, they get arrested. They then look in the jail cafeteria, and find a piece of pizza is the Foundation Element. They try to tell a guard about it, but he doesn’t believe them. Suddenly, a horde of zombies breaks out and attacks the prisoners. They were spawned in by John Doe, who went after the Element. After defeating him, they escape into a rift.

A mining adventure

The heroes land in a Pillager Outpost, where an Illager patrol appears and attacks them. Hercules kills the leader and gets a Bad Omen. After walking into a village, a raid is triggered. After defeating them by using the Locate Keystone to summon Bruce Banner in the Hulkbuster, they continue moving, only to be ambushed by an army of Stormtroopers. They get launched deep underground by their forces. After climbing to the top, Captain Phasma takes control of the Hulkbuster and attacks them. She is defeated, but they are pulled into a rift. It was revealed that the Stormtroopers succeeded in finding the Foundation Element. Queen Destruction then uses it to pull the Disney, Angry Birds, and Star Wars dimensions together to create the ultimate dimension, as well as wiping out all other universes.

The Final Battle

Six months later, the heroes are made into slaves by Queen Destruction. Red did not give up however, as he came up with a plan to stop her. They disguise themselves as other members and get into the control room of her fortress made from heavenly clouds, Tie Fighters, and slingshots. They also set their friends free, but they were caught in the act. Destruction tried to kill them with the Foundation Gauntlet, but they destroyed it. The entire dimension was pulled into an infinite looped rift, with the heroes fighting Queen Destruction. After getting to the control panel, Queen Destruction leaped at them, but they got into Red’s slingshot and used their combined powers to blow up and kill Queen Destruction. Getting her obliterated, except for one appendage, which stayed in the rift, and restored all the dimensions. However, X-PO found the appendage after it got to Vorton, and he touched it, turning him into a hybrid with her.

Foundation Elements

  1. Mario's hat
  2. Awesome Plush Productions’s camera
  3. Loki’s Scepter
  4. Infinity Gauntlet
  5. Gaster Blaster
  6. Cookie Monster’s cookie
  7. Jeffy’s Cat Piano
  8. ET (Atari)
  9. Potato Head’s Arm
  10. Eggo
  11. Emergency Meeting Airhorn
  12. Red Key
  13. Roblox Pizza
  14. Enchantment table


  1. This is the first LEGO game to be developed by Nintendo and Disney in addition to original developers.
  2. In franchises like SML and Angry Video Game Nerd, archive audio is used, but curse words and sexual references are censored to keep a T rating.
  3. Queen Destruction is this game’s version of Lord Vortech.
  4. All characters from the first game are usable, similar to the Skylanders games.