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LEGO Dimensions: The Multiverse Curse is a fictional sequel to LEGO Dimensions.




The story begins at the end of the first LEGO Dimensions. The person who picked up the Piece of Vortech is a custom character (referred to in the story as, "Stranger") created by the player. Once they touch the piece, they become corrupted by it's power.

Level 1: The Joke's On You

Batman and Robin are chasing the Joker after his latest crime spree in their vehicles. The Joker destroys their vehicles, forcing them to get to his lair, the Amusement Mile, on foot. Batman and Robin make their way there while fighting off numerous henchmen, eventually facing the Joker himself. After beating the Clown Prince of Crime, he is sent through a portal and the corrupted Stranger appears and fights the Dynamic Duo. Batman and Robin manage to defeat them and decide to keep them in the Batcave. Batman deduces that the Stranger's sudden appearance might have something to do with Lord Vortech returning and sends a message out to X-PO.

Level 2: Big Trouble in Little PaRappa Town

X-PO receives the message and attempts to bring Batman and Robin to Vorton but Lord Vortech, who has managed to escape his imprisonment in the Rift Loop, damages the Gateway, opening portals in other dimensions.

Meanwhile in PaRappa Town, PaRappa and his friends are hanging out when a portal opens and sends Dr. Eggman and his robots into the town. Everyone runs away except for PaRappa, who the robots manage to corner. Fortunately, Sonic The Hedgehog also comes through the portal and saves him. Sonic then makes his way through PaRappa Town to catch Eggman with PaRappa tagging along. Once Eggman is defeated, he manages to escape through a portal. Sonic tries to follow him but the portal closes before he can go through. Another portal appears and Sonic and PaRappa decide to go through, finding themselves in Vorton.

Level 3: Middle Earthrealm

X-PO introduces himself to Sonic and PaRappa and tells them that since the portal is damaged, it has limited functionality. Sonic suggests that Tails could help him fix it. X-PO locates Tails and sends Sonic to his location.

Tails is trapped in the prison in Shang Tsung's Island with Aragorn. Raiden appears and takes out the orcs and demons guarding them. He senses that they aren't from his world and helps them escape. When they get outside, Shang Tsung and Sauron are waiting. Sauron gets empowered by Shang Tsung's magic and he fights the heroes. They manage to fend him off until Sonic appears and incapacitates Sauron long enough for them to escape to Vorton, much to Shang Tsung's annoyance.

Level 4: Loki Business

Tails helps X-PO fix the portal, allowing him to send Batman and Robin to Vorton. They bring the Stranger with them, hoping that X-PO might know something. X-PO tells them that Lord Vortech's power could corrupt the Stranger if they don't learn to control it. He recommends that they should help and opens a portal to Asgard so that the Stranger can get help from Thor.

The Stranger is sent to Asgard and is caught by Thor, thinking they are an intruder. He attacks them, only to be interrupted by an attack from Lord Business and Loki. They are defeated and Thor is grateful for the Stranger's help. He is shown a message from X-PO asking for his help. Thor accepts and goes with the Stranger.

Level 5: A Galaxy Far, Far Away...

As the Stranger and Thor go into the portal, Lord Vortech redirects the portal to the Death Star, which is being attacked by Death Eaters. they fight their way to the throne room, where Palpatine and Voldemort are battling. They are both defeated by the heroes and a portal is opened, sending the villains away. The Stranger and Thor are also sent through a portal, this time actually sending them back to Vorton.

Level 6: Not So GLaD Anymore

X-PO tells the heroes that bringing Gandalf and Wyldstyle back to Vorton to help would be a good plan, seeing as they've also been up against Lord Vortech. He gets their locations and finds out that Gandalf is trapped in the Aperture Science Testing Facilities. He decides to send Batman to save him.

Meanwhile at Aperture, Gandalf is stuck on a test when a portal opens and Scrooge McDuck suddenly appears. Despite his initial confusion, he and Gandalf work together to complete the tests and get to GLaDOS' chamber, where Flintheart Glomgold waits. He reveals that he showed up sometime after Scrooge and that he made a deal with GLaDOS shortly after Scrooge's arrival to help defeat him. They attack the heroes but they are defeated. Batman appears to help, only to see that the villains have already been defeated. He leads them out but not before Scrooge taunts him.

Level 7: PinesQuest

X-PO tracks Wyldstyle's location in Gravity Falls and sends Robin to get her.

Over in Gravity Falls, Dipper and Stanford Pines are investigating Gravity Malls and find Wyldstyle being attacked by Grunts from Gauntlet. They help her fend them off and try to escape the mall. When they get out, they are attacked by George from Rampage. Robin appears and helps them fight him off. When George runs away, Robin brings them to Vorton.

Level 8: Magic & Mayhem

As the heroes are planning to defeat Lord Vortech, they are attacked by the Wicked Witch of the West, who was sent by Lord Vortech to beat them before they can defeat him. While the flying monkeys fight the other heroes, PaRappa, Batman and Raiden fight the Wicked Witch. They use water to beat her and the flying monkeys leave, giving the heroes time to recover.

Level 9: Chi-ters Never Prosper

X-PO tells the heroes that they don't have much time and that they need to act quickly. They come up with a plan to trap Lord Vortech again. X-PO sends Gandalf, Aragorn and Thor to Chima with Vortech's Staff to empower it with Chi.

In Chima, Gandalf, Aragorn and Thor find the Lion Temple being attacked by Gremlins. They fend them off until Stripe powers himself up with Chi. The heroes are able to defeat him and use Chi to power up Vortech's Staff.

Level 10: Spectral Spooks

X-PO sends Wyldstyle, Tails and Stanford to New York to build a device to weaken Lord Vortech. When they get there, they find that it is infested with ghosts. They make their way to Ghostbusters HQ when Gizmo (Teen Titans Go!) attacks with his robots. The ghosts possess the robots, scaring Gizmo and causing him to run away. The heroes destroy the robots and ask the Ghostbusters for help with building the device. They use the parts from the destroyed robots to build it.

Level 11: Guess Who

X-PO sends Batman, Robin and Dipper to London to find The Doctor. While they look around, they get knocked out and wake up in Trenzalore. They make their way to a nearby Cyber Ship, escaping from the Weeping Angels. They explore the ship before being stopped by Davros and his Daleks. They fight him and Davros is about to finish them off when The Doctor comes and helps them escape. The heroes inform him that Lord Vortech has returned and that they need his help. The Doctor agrees and goes with them to Vorton.

Level 12: The Multiverse Showdown

The heroes come back and X-PO sends the Stranger, Sonic, PaRappa and Raiden to Vortech's Castle. The Stranger, having learned to control their powers, gets the heroes inside and they fight Lord Vortech. They use Vortech's Staff to open a portal and use the device to weaken him. Before being launched into the portal, Lord Vortech manages to pull the Stranger in with him and battles them. Eventually, he is defeated and The Doctor pulls the Stranger into the TARDIS to take them back to Vorton.


X-PO congratulates the heroes and sends them back to their home dimensions. After everyone is gone, he asks the Stranger where they come from. They just shrug and X-PO concludes that they're a wanderer of sorts without a home. He tells them that wherever they decide to go, they can call him for help anytime. He also tells them that they should be careful with their powers. The Stranger nods in agreement and walks through the Gateway.


Along with all of the franchises from the previous LEGO Dimensions game, LEGO Dimensions: The Multiverse Curse adds a bunch of new franchises, along with new characters from the old franchises.

New Playable Characters

DC Comics

The Lord of the Rings

The Simpsons


The Wizard of Oz

Adventure Time

Harry Potter

Sonic The Hedgehog

Marvel Comics

Gravity Falls

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

PaRappa The Rapper


The Muppets

Star Wars


Dr. Suess

SpongeBob SquarePants

Mortal Kombat

Shovel Knight


LEGO Universe


Super Mario

Steven Universe


Game Grumps


Captain Underpants

Inside Out


Spooky Month

Team Fortress 2


The Fairly OddParents

LEGO Universe

Indiana Jones

Stranger Things


A Hat in Time


Differences from LEGO Dimensions

  • It is a standard classic LEGO game instead of a toys to life game, meaning characters have to be unlocked.
  • Alternate costumes and variations can be unlocked for certain characters.
  • The option to create custom characters.
  • Many new franchises with new characters (and many new characters from previous franchises).