LEGO Dimensions: Shattered Multiverse is an indirect sequel to the original LEGO Dimensions developed by Tt Games, now joined by Sketchian Multiverse owner Polygonal Fist Games.

Game Mechanics

Unlike previous entries, this game uses a modified version of the Sketchia Engine. This means that every character can be incapacitated during combat and will not immediately respawn, and switching fighters is mapped to D-PAD UP.

This game forgoes the toys-to-life style in favor of a more traditional game style.

Opposed to the original Dimensions, most licensed IPs do not return, leaving only LEGO originals and characters from the Sketchian Multiverse.


Action Playstation 4 Xbox One Nintendo Switch
Move Left Analog Stick
Camera Right Analog Stick
Jump X Button A Button B Button
Grab and Throw Circle Button B Button A Button
Light Attack Square Button X Button Y Button
Heavy Attack Triangle Button Y Button X Button
Guard L2 or R2 LT or RT ZL or ZR
Quick Switch L1 or R1 LB or RB L or R
Switch Fighter D-Pad UP
Vehicle Summon D-Pad LEFT
Weapon Switch D-Pad RIGHT
Inventory D-Pad DOWN


During the Voidripper Arc, the beast attempts to plunge the multiverse into chaos, feeding into the desires of its creator, Mufog the Deciever. In an attempt to bolster its own power, Lord Vortech and the beast make a pact to bend Order and Chaos to their will.

Noticing his own universe affected, AnthonyM travels through the LEGO Multiverse to seek the aid of friends from other dimensions.

Playable Characters

Sketchian Multiverse

Character Vehicle / Gadget? Class Element(s)
AnthonyM Guardian-Cycle Balanced Light/Dark
Strongarm Mobile Fist Defense Earth/Fire
Techo Techo's Shooter Ship Support Lightning
Blurri S.S. Mixium Speed Wind
Waitress Penny N/A Speed N/A
Shadus Shadow Slicer Offense Dark
Twillo Balanced Dark
Cybern Kebley's Shell Balanced Fire
Hekama Beacon of Hope Support Water/Magic
Zarrus Emerald Dragon Offense N/A
Crystallon Crystal Shrine Speed Earth/Light
Dreamkeeper Offense Ghost
Miss Techna Support N/A
Zakonu Temporal Shifter Balanced N/A
Hartschia Balanced N/A
Lady Elementia N/A Balanced Light
Pyre Offense Fire
Aqua Support Water
Nuage Speed Wind
Terra Defense Earth
Elettrico Speed Lightning
Na'tur Support Nature
Glacies Speed Ice
Poi'xa Offense Poison
Novae Balanced Magic

The LEGO Movie

Character Vehicle / Gadget? Class Element(s)
Emmet Emmet's Excavator Balanced Earth
Wyldstyle Super Cycle Speed Dark
Benny Benny's Spaceship Support Magic
Bad Cop Police Car Offense N/A
Unikitty Cloud Cuckoo Flyer Offense Light
Sweet Mayhem Mayhem's Pod Defense Magic

Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

Character Vehicle / Gadget? Class Element(s)
Kai Blade Bike Offense Fire
Jay Storm Fighter Speed Lightning
Cole Boulder Bomber Defense Earth
Zane Ninjacopter Balanced Ice
Nya Samurai Mech Support Water
Lloyd Golden Dragon Balanced Nature
Sensei Wu Master Wu's Dragon Defense Light
Garmadon Garmatron Offense Dark

LEGO City: Undercover

Character Vehicle / Gadget? Class Element(s)
Chase McCain Police Helicopter Balanced N/A

Nexo Knights

Character Vehicle / Gadget? Class Element(s)
Clay Rumble Blade Balanced TBA
Aaron Aero Striker V2 Support
Macy Thunder Mace Offense
Lance Mecha Horse Speed
Axl Tower Carrier Defense

Monkie Kid

Character Vehicle / Gadget? Class Element(s)
Monkie Kid Nimbus Drone Balanced Wind
Mei White Dragon Horse Bike Speed Light
Sandy Team HQ Boat Defense N/A
Pigsy Pigsy's Food Truck Support Fire
Monkey King Monkey King Warrior Mech Offense Wind


Some bosses become playable after defeat. They are marked with a star if not.

Character Franchise Vehicle / Gadget? Class Element(s)
Almafur Sketchian Multiverse N/A Offense Ghost/Light
Zemadonis N/A Defense Ghost/Dark
Voidripper / Mufog* N/A N/A Dark
Lord Business The LEGO Movie Micro Manager Offense Fire
Rex Dangervest Rexcelsior Balanced Magic
The Overlord Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu Overlord Dragon Offense Dark
Pythor The Great Devourer Support Poison
Rex Fury LEGO City: Undercover TBA Offense N/A
Jestro Nexo Knights Volcanic Fortress Speed Fire/Lightning
Red Son Monkie Kid Red Son's Jetpack Support Dark/Fire
Princess Iron Fan Bull Demon King Support Dark/Wind
Lord Vortech LEGO Dimensions N/A Balanced Magic
Sketchian Multiverse
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The LEGO Movie
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LEGO City: Undercover
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LEGO Monkie Kid
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