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New Know.png
Character Information
Name Know
Gender Male
Franchise BIOMECHA
Weapons/Accessories Candlestick, Flame Staff
Occupation Wari
Residence Heart-Get
Wait! I am friendly!
— Know's first line when entering the game
I saved Paise once, he returned the favor!
— Know's second line when entering the game
You did not think I was dead, did you?
— Know's third line when entering the game

Know is a BIOMECHA character from LEGO Dimensions.



Know was one of the Wari, and the leader of them. Know met Paisenuef and Mahoganer when they were about to burn in lava, and saved them. Later, Know, alongside two other Warri, Dig and Tuber, watched their game against the twins. However, Vaksa thought Know would overthrow him as the ruler, so he sent Know into the ruins, where he knew he would die. Vaksa met Paise again at the ruins, where Paise was looking for his Shear Swords. There, they were attacked by Bombeim, with Know getting dragged off and Paisenuef having his left shoulder mangled. Paise and Mahoganer went to the power plant Know was brought to, along with the Talisman. There, Know was locked in a cage, and Bombeim noticed the duo introducing, and unintentionally destroyed Know's cage. Bombeim was decapitated by Dig, saving the lives of the trio. However, Paise accidentally placed the Talisman in a keyhole it looked like it fit in, unleashing Likuta, as well as sucking Know's soul into the Talisman. Know's corpse was found by one of Likuta's Seekers, and was used as a puppet on Anguis. Anguis used Know as a puppet to hypnotize the other Biomecha, and succeeded with Flappin' while he was drugging himself on flour, and sewed his eyes shut. Anguis also used the corpse in attempts to hypnotize Vaksa, and formerly succeeded. Anguis then preceded to impale Vaksa multiple times with a needle, but Paise cut off all of the thread the monster was sewing into Vaksa with both of his shears. Anguis eventually escaped with Dig, but not before Paise sliced Know's carcass off of the behemoth. Know's burial at sea was hosted in a drainage pipe, and had the copper emblem that Anguis tore off of Vaksa's crown covering the body's eyes. Know, along with the other four Biomecha killed by the Talisman, had their souls freed, where they then became ghosts and flew to Heaven, turning into rain full of Protodermis.


  • He was voiced by Powers Boothe in BIOMECHA. It's unknown who voices him in LEGO Dimensions.
  • For unknown reasons, Know does not die until the second Biomecha level, while in the film, he died during Likuta's awakening.