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Knives Chau
Franchise: Scott Pilgrim

Scott Pilgrim

Ramona Flowers

Kim Pine

Stephen Stills

Wallace Wells

Neil Nordergraf

Stacey Pilgrim

Gender: Female

Cute Bird

Weapons: Sais
Appaer: in Lego Dimensions 2 Powers Collision

"I Came as fast as possible"

- Knives First Line when entering the game.

Knives Chau is one of the characters in Lego Dimensions 2 Powers Collision, she is one of Scott Pilgrim's main characters, she is included in one of the Scott Pilgrim's Team Pack with Wallace Wells.

Special abilities:

  • Acrobat
  • Saiz Puzzle
  • Boomerang
  • Target
  • Rainbow LEGO Objetcs
  • Rope Swings (Scarf)
  • Mini Access
  • Mini Access Targeting
  • Super Strength
  • Super Strength Handless
  • Claws Switch
  • Climb
  • Sonar Smash
  • Super Jump
  • Vine Cut


"Test my steel".

- When she fights with enemies.

"I found this little bird in town and will take care of it for a while".

- When she gets on the Cute Bird.

"Sorry I confused you with my Bird".

- When she talks to Red

"This burns".

-When she uses the Elemental Kesystone and uses the fire ability.

"I look fabulous".

-When she uses the Elemental Keystone and uses the Lightning Skill

"Attack hug".

- When she fights with enemies.

"Guys help me with these guys".

-When she talks to Scott, Ramona, Stephen Stills, Kim, Wallace, Neil or Stacey.

Special animations:

In her first animation, Knives will juggle her Sais.

In her second animation, Knives will grab her scarf and start using it as a jump rope.

In the third animation of her, she will leave a sign that says Knives Chau 18 years old, university.

Special Attacks:

In her first attack, Knives will launch several Sais against the enemy and seeing no results she grabs her scarf and uses it as a whip against the enemy, the enemy will explode and throw coins.

In his second attack, Knives will make several positive words appear, then Knives will launch his Sais against the enemy and at the same time the positive words will go towards the enemy causing the enemy to explode and throw coins.


The design Knives has in the game and in the original Scott Pilgrim comic.

He is the first character in the game with MidLegs.

In the game she is 18 years old.

She is the first new character in the video game to have the ability to destroy and build rainbow pieces.

In the Scott Pilgrim vs The World Game, Knives and Wallace were DLC characters so they appear together in a Team Pack.

She is the smallest female character in Scott Pilgrim.

Spotlight Song:

Toy Tag

Toy Tag


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