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Klaus Helmut Starr
Klaus Starr.png
Character Information
Name Klaus Helmut Starr
Gender Male
Franchise Preacher
Weapons/Accessories Gun
Vehicles and/or Gadgets Floating Pig
Occupation Allfather
Residence Masada

Klaus Starr is one of the Team Pack Characters in LEGO Dimensions, from the Preacher franchise.


Klaus Helmut Starr is the Allfather of the Grail. Prior to becoming the Allfather, he was the leader of the Samson Unit.

When he learned about Jesse Custer's power, Starr decided to throw a coup against the Grail, using Jesse as the new messiah instead of Humperdoo. However, after Custer's frequent betrayals and releasing Humperdoo into the world, Starr reached his breaking point and moved on, planning to torture and kill Jesse. Due to D'Aronique's death, Starr was promoted to taking his place to become the new Allfather.


  • Goon Command
  • Security Access
  • Target


— Klaus Starr when seeing Lara Featherstone
I'm tired of chess matches, Flufferman. It's time to play...some checkers
— Klaus Starr when seeing Lara Featherstone
I agree, Allfather was a lunatic. You can’t kill everyone. Just the undesirables.
— Klaus Starr when seeing Jesse Custer


Idle Animations

  • Trying on different hats
  • Trying on different wigs
  • Playing around with his gun