King B'rge
King B'rge
Character Information
Name King B'rge
Gender Male
Franchise The Fastnesses
Weapons/Accessories Golden Sword
Occupation Monarch
Residence Coronet Castle
My first line at which hour ent'ring this h're lodging.
— King B'rge's first line when entering the game
I knoweth thee has't hath heard this lots of times, but wh're art we anon?
— King B'rge's second line when entering the game
King Antonio B'rge, at thy... thee've eke hath heard this m're than thee shouldst.
— King B'rge's third line when entering the game
King B'rge is a The Fastnesses character in LEGO Dimensions.


  • Laser Deflector (Gold Armour)
  • Sword Switches (Golden Broadsword)
  • Vine Cut (Golden Broadsword)
  • Character Change
    • Sir Matt Gladius
    • Sir Rex Swift
    • Sir Hayden Lukewarm
    • Sir Muirenn Ó Dubhthaigh


I'm afraid King B'rge shall leaveth anon.
— King B'rge's first line when leaving the game
Goodbye, thee valor lacking people!
— King B'rge's second line when leaving the game
Expandeth dong!
— King B'rge's third line when leaving the game
I gonna beest a ninja liketh thee at which hour I wend to Japan, young sir.
— King B'rge talking to iNinjago
Genji LEGO Rocketh Band.
— King B'rge talking to Genji
Ah, I needeth m're knights liketh thee, valorous knave.
— King B'rge talking to Link
Thee behold not liketh a Coronet Kingdom memb'r, but I'll trusteth thee because of thy sw'rd
— King B'rge talking to RealGameTime
T is excellent to meeteth anoth'r Anthony, though I wend by Tony.
— King B'rge talking to AnthonyM
What a fantastic gaze thee has't th're, young knave!
— King B'rge talking to Ben Tennyson
Well, thou art quite a myst'rious one, if't be true I dareth sayeth so myself!
— King B'rge talking to Mr. E
Ah, thou art a Shinobi, art thee not?
— King B'rge talking to Lloyd
Shadows art fleeing from the lighteth, mine own eyes art closing in.
— King B'rge talking to Shadus
Thou art mine own broth'r Arnold, art thee not?
— King B'rge talking to Clay
Thou art one strange looking knight, yond is f'r sure!
— King B'rge talking to Red Ranger
The Yakuza seemeth to has't madeth t to the Coronet Kingdom!
— King B'rge talking to Koko
Oh mine own! Thou art quite the disfigur'd one! I'll seeth if 't be true M'rlin can fixeth thee up!
— King B'rge talking to Davis Finlay
Plaited I couldst b'rrows thy sw'rd, sir?
— King B'rge talking to Shovel Knight
Slayeth'r of the FleshMesh, thee f'rev'r has't mine own hon'r.
— King B'rge talking to Dillon Guidesworth
I am not jump familiar with thy species, sir
— King B'rge talking to Zakonu
Armeth cannon? I couldst useth one of those at which hour fighting the skeleton warri'rs.
— King B'rge talking to Mega Man
Thy music is lacking valor and thee shouldst feeleth lacking valor.
— King B'rge talking to Wendigo
Wenches these days, I hath lived backeth bef're we hadst yond godf'rsaken "YouTube" and I did love t!
— King B'rge talking to JaidenAnimations
B'rge, King Antonio B'rge, valorous to seeth thee.
— King B'rge talking to James Bond
Thou art merit and all, but who is't names their peat "Cyb'rn"?
— King B'rge talking to Cybern
Thou art Sob'r, eh? Wherefore doth thee behold malt-worm, though?
— King B'rge talking to Sober


  • In The Fastnesses, he is portrayed by Steve Buscemi, who reprises his role in the game.
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