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Kim Pine (D1285Vr)
Franchise: Scott Pilgrim
Weapon: Beisball Bat
Vehicle: Bee-0
Gender: Female

Scott Pilgrim

Ramona Flowers

Stephen Stills

Wallace Wells

Knives Chau

Neil Nordergraf

Stacey Pilgrim


Kyle and Ken Katayanagi

Appear in : Lego Dimensions 2

Powers Collision

Kimberly Pine, one of the main characters in the Scott Pilgrim franchise, appears in lego dimensions 2 Powers Collisions, included in one of the Scott Pilgrim's Team Packs with Stephen Stills, She is a close friend of Scott and Ramona.

Special abilities:

  • Acrobat
  • Mini Puzzle
  • Weapons Switch
  • Sonar Smash (Drums)
  • Laser Deflector
  • Read Drums Scores
  • Lovers Guards Access
  • Boring Guards Access
  • Super Strength
  • Super Strenght Handless
  • Target
  • Music (Drums)


Scott, how nice to see you here (Sarcasm)

-When talking to Scott

Ramona, tell me this is something from Subspace ...

-When he talks to Ramona.

I don't like space ... but don't tell anyone I said that.

- When talking to Space Lumpy Princess

It seems I'm not the only redhead.

-When he talks to Hermoine or Ron.

If I see you here, it means that I use Subspace and that I'm trapped in Scott's dreams.

- When talking to Batman, Superman, Goku or SpongeBob.

You cannot select another character who has the same ability.

- When she does the same action several times.

How old are you Picolo, 27?

-When she talks to Picoro.

Tell your creators not to capture me again.

- When talking to Robot 0-1

Special Attacks:

In her first attack, Kim will yell at her enemy and start hitting him with his drum sticks until he kicks the opponent and he explodes and throws money.

In her second attack, Kim will hit the enemy in the stomach with her sports bat, then emulate a sign of disapproval and she will summon some random characters, such as Nega Scott, Robot 0-2 or the Snow Yeti hologram to finish off. the enemy. Then the opponent will explode and throw money at Kim.


In her first animation, Kim will look calm and disinterested, she will turn to see something that causes her a lot of grace and she will turn to see the screen realizing that we saw her laugh and she will quickly act carefree and serious again. .

In the second animation of her, she will look at the screen and using a part of her battery and her bat she will start making noise to get the player's attention and stop wasting time.

In her third animation, she will take out a kind of Lectern, where the members of Crash and The Boys will be, she will see one by one the members, which do not seem important to Kim, but when she sees the drummer who turns out to be an 8-year-old girl , is so scared that he almost fainted but manages to calm down and put that lectern away.


She is the only Scott character who can access more than one kind of guarded zone. Being areas guarded by guards with windows with heart signs and guards who are bored.

This is because in the Scott Pilgrim franchise, Kim is currently single and works in a store that sells movies.

Like the rest of her fellow Kim hers, she has super strength.

Her second special attack may be a reference to the Scott Pilgrim Vs The World game where Kim points to the enemy and invokes Knives, however here the characters that she can invoke are Nega Scott, Robot 0-2 and The Snow Yeti.

Her dialogue with the Space Lumpy Princess is a reference to the actress who plays Kim (Alison Pill) played a character in a Star Trek series causing an irony with what Kim says.

She just yells out the band names Shatterband and Sonic And Knuckles.

Spotlight Song:

Toy Tag

Toy Tag


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