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Killer Frost
Killer frost arrowverse.png
Franchise: Arrowverse
Accesories: Ice Sword
Appear In:

LEGO Dimensions 2

Powers Collision

Killer Frost is one of the Story Packs Characters in LEGO Dimensions 2 Powers Collision, she belongs to the Arrowverse Franchise.


Frost, formerly known as Killer Frost and originally labeled Khione after the Greek goddess of snow, was Caitlin Snow's alternate personality, until she obtained a body of her own. Since she was a child, Killer Frost existed within Caitlin due to cryogenic experiments performed on the latter by her father, Thomas Snow, in an effort to prevent Caitlin from suffering from ALS. However, Killer Frost was suppressed until Caitlin's time with Team Flash, when her alternate personality began to reemerge. Originally, Caitlin's Killer Frost powers mostly amplified her insecurities and anger, changing her chemical balance, but the further she continued to use these powers, the further she changed. Eventually, after defeating Savitar, Caitlin developed a special partnership with her Killer Frost side, going on to analyze her condition, which resulted in Killer Frost becoming a full-blown split personality, the actions of whom Caitlin would largely not remember.

In a battle against Clifford DeVoe, Killer Frost disappeared as a result of DeVoe using Dominic Lanse's powers to create a mental block, which prevented Caitlin from accessing her alter-ego. After defeating Siren-X from Earth-X though, Caitlin discovered that cryogenic anomalies still existed in her DNA, without the presence of dark matter.

After the team found out that Caitlin's father is actually alive, they discovered that he is also a cryogenic meta-human with an evil split personality, Icicle. During a battle with him, Caitlin is able to break through the mental block created, allowing Killer Frost to emerge. Cisco later gave Caitlin a mental activity dampener created by Harry Wells so she could communicate with Killer Frost. During a fight with Cicada, Team Flash discovered that Killer Frost was immune to his dagger (as she was not a dark matter-created meta) and could help defeat him.

Soon after defeating Mirror Monarch, both Frost and Caitlin suffered from immense recurring headaches, which seemingly led to them becoming separated from one another and Frost inhabiting a body of her own.

Frost chose life in prison without parole and decide to pay for her mistakes that she made. The judge, the prosecutor and the jury were very lenient and offered no jail time and gave her an ultimatum to take the meta-human cure, but she declined and decided to take life in prison without parole and the judge gave her what she wants.


  • Freeze
  • Acrobat
  • Dive
  • Inteligence
  • Chemicals Handle
  • Technology
  • Sword Switch

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