Kebley's Shell   Glyph of Fate   Stone Crab    
Kebley's Shell
Ancient Tri-Elemental Relic
Owner Cybern
Abilities Playable Character


Red Demon Brick Smash

Set Cybern/Hekama Team Pack
— Kebley when entering the game
Kew yaa!
— Kebley when obtaining a collectible
Nee ha!
— Kebley when exiting the game
Kebley's Shell is a Choose Your Fighter! vehicle in LEGO Dimensions. It is Cybern's personal vehicle and is included in the Cybern/Hekama Team Pack.


Cybern found this stone relic when scouring the mines, and it had a small three-limbed monster that slept inside it. The relic monster used the stone as a shell and had taken a liking to the adventurer. It proved useful with each of its limbs being able to produce a beam of elemental energy. The monster is capable of producing a blast called a "Tri-Beam," made of fire, ice, and electricity. Its name is Kebley, and it is a loyal pet to Cybern.


  • Playable Character
  • Tri-Beam
    • Laser
      • Melt Ice
    • Ice Blast
    • Electricity
  • Red Demon Brick Smash


  • Like the Niffler and Swooping Evil, Kebley is treated as a playable character.
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