Kíli is one of the playable in-game characters in LEGO Dimensions 2: The Rise of Enoch, from the Hobbit franchise.


Kíli was one of Thorin Oakenshield's nephews and the younger brother of Fíli, being the son of Thorin's sister Dis. He was one of the thirteen companions of Thorin on his quest to recover Erebor. Along with his brother, he found the goblin cave in the Misty Mountains which they entered to get away from the storm, but were then captured by the goblins.

Later, while attempting to open the river gate so that his companions can escape from the elves, Kíli is shot in the leg with a poisoned orc arrow. He becomes a burden and instead of going to the Lonley Mountain, he stays behind in Lake-town with his brother Fíli, Bofur, and Oin. Kíli was eventually killed in the Battle of the Five Armies defending Thorin, and was buried with honor.


Blunt the Knives

Blunt the Knives

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