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Joyce Byers is one of the Blind Bag characters in LEGO Dimensions 2: The Rise of Enoch, from the Stranger Things franchise.


Joyce Byers, portrayed by Winona Ryder, is a major protagonist in Stranger Things. The financially poor single mother of Will and Jonathan Byers, Joyce works as a retail clerk and relies on help from her eldest to make ends meet.

After Will mysteriously disappeared, Joyce was certain that he was communicating with her through the lights in her house. Despite everyone treating her as if she was having a mental breakdown, Joyce refused to believe that Will was dead, even after his alleged corpse was found. Through co-operation with her friend and local police chief Jim Hopper, Will’s friends, and Jonathan, she eventually uncovered the circumstances of her son’s disappearance and entered the Upside Down to rescue him.

A year after the mysterious tragedy of her son, Joyce helps her son with another issue following the events of the first season as she begins dating her old classmate Bob Newby until his death. Towards the end, she, Jonathan, and Nancy assisted in removing Will from the possession of the Mind Flayer.

In 1985, Joyce catches the romantic interest in Jim Hopper. When discovering that most of the magnets in Hawkins have lost their magnetism, following a power outage. As Joyce and Hopper worked together in solving the mystery, they find themselves on Russian hitman Grigori and capture Russian scientist Alexei, who reveals that the Russians are in Hawkins opening a new gate to the Upside Down underneath Starcourt Mall. With the help of Murray Bauman, Joyce and Hopper infiltrate the Russian base and close the gate, though at the cost of Hopper's life. Three months after Hopper's supposed demise, Joyce takes in Eleven and moves her family out of Hawkins.